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egoSurf is a tool for people to know how popular one is in the Internet. The engine of egoSurf will search your name and your blog in, check your ranking and give you a mark. Here is my result:

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My article Movie History introduced a great Kunoichi video called Lady Ninja Story くノ一忍法伝 封印の掟 ~女淫愛残抄~. By this chance, a lifecycle of a female ninja can be demonstrated by the fate of a Kunoichi in the story.

Step 1: The Kunoichi accepted a mission and put bodystocking on.
Step 2: She performed sneak attack at night.
Step 3: Her weapon was removed by the enemy.
Step 4: She was tortured by the enemy in fatal methods.
Step 5: Her dead body was abandoned on a street.

Swift Hero Lion Maru

Swift Hero Lion Maru 快傑ライオン丸 was a popular TV series in 70s. Similar to other Japanese TV series, the just hero needed to face the attack of bad Kunoichi and to terminate them all.

In Episode 44, four female ninja were sent to kill Jonosuke.

In Episode 48, the daughter of Mafiran tried to kill Shishimaru and got in a fight with Kazumi.

What's usually the end of defeated bad female ninja? Being finished without any hesitation. The Kunoichi in Azumi II is an example:

(provided by YouTube user yaoming2046)

Reference: Kaiketsu Lion Maru