Every employer seeks an absolutely loyal employee; every lord seeks a perfect Kunoichi. However, the reality is far away from this dream. An alternative way is to manufacture robots.

Japan is the top nation at manufacturing robots. According to UN/ECE issues its 2000 World Robotics survey, 402,200 robots out of worldwide 742,500 were working out in Japan's industry. The number was more than half of the total. The aging population and the competition of China are reasons of its rapid development of robots. Perhaps another reason is their lord culture of slaving ninja.

(from Kujo Jotaro's Movie Blog)

This HK film released in 1991 is called Robotrix 女機械人. It was the story about how female robots fought against a mad scientist. The female robots in the film were beautiful, attractive and sexy, while they were also powerful, skillful and smart. They would be absolutely loyal to their lord as well. One of them sacrificed her life when fighting with the boss, even though she was fixed well at the end. They contain key characteristics of Female Ninja and break Impossible Trinity.



Anonymous said…
in 50 years experts predict computers will be powerful enough to store our brain functions....I would be happier if they made robots to look as good as these actresses
Yes, it will come true soon. Japanese is eager to manufacture such robots. For example, the latest release of female robot in Japan has been considered very live.
Clip of Robotrix -
Tlaloc said…
I think I once saw that movie, but I am not sure.

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