Mission Failed

Missions of ninja are usually extremely dangereous, especially assassination. If a job was easy, Samurai would do it rather leave it to ninja.

A Kunoichi, nine dead and one alive out of ten, should have known her own fate. The failure of a mission only results in horrible death.

These four female assassins were killed by enemies because of their failure.


Anonymous said…
what movie or tv show is this? also, do you have a video of this scene or show?
Anonymous said…
Nice. What is actually Tin Long Kyuek means?
Yes, it was captured from a TV drama called Tin Long Kyuek (Competition against Sky's Dragon) produced by HK ATV.
Anonymous said…
where can I get a copy of the show or clip?
Anonymous said…
The first two are "private videos." How do we view them?
Please refer to comments of "Failed Assassination"

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