Failed Assassination

As some requested to view video clips of Failed Assassination, there are some examples to show how female assassins were killed when they failed.

Tin Long Kyuek

New Shooting Star Butterfly Sword

Shen Tong Shu Yu Xiao Ba Wang


Anonymous said…
hey what's up, I couldn't view the videos on youtube because the videos were set to private and could not access them; could you change that please. Thanks a lot
I am sorry that I can't because they weren't mine. Please login Youtube and subscribe the provider. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
can you tell me who the provider is, I can't find the provider. Thanks
Anonymous said…
i tried subscribing to yaoming2046, but no videos show up.
Yes, there is some problem in YouTube. You can just wait new-coming emails from YouTube or play some in my blog.
Anonymous said…
yaoming2046 is now on my friends list, but i still don't see the videos.

are you sure it's this guy?
Yes, you are right. Try to send a message to the user for the problem. Thanks.
Another failure of female assassins -

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