Face Recognition

A Kunoichi wears mask or veil so that no one can recognize her and she can do secret in public area. However, what if a female ninja's face is uncovered?

(See her full picture here)

There is a service called MyHeritage Face Recognition. By powerful algorithm and database, a Kunoichi's face can be recognized by a computer and people who look like her can be found. Those people alike are perhaps her family.

Please don't kill my family... Wait! A female ninja has no family, right?

Have more fun at My Heritage.


Tlaloc said…
That is a very interesting tool! But still has its flaws.
Yes, new technology has new bugs. We have to wait for programmers to fix them. Once it succeeds, no ninja can easily hide.
Tlaloc said…
Sadly now we have to register in order to use service, and the service seems to work awful now.

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