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Face Recognition

A Kunoichi wears mask or veil so that no one can recognize her and she can do secret in public area. However, what if a female ninja's face is uncovered?

(See her full picture here)
There is a service called MyHeritage Face Recognition. By powerful algorithm and database, a Kunoichi's face can be recognized by a computer and people who look like her can be found. Those people alike are perhaps her family.

Please don't kill my family... Wait! A female ninja has no family, right?

Have more fun at My Heritage.


What if an Assassin becomes a Fugitive? What if a Kunoichi changes from attacking to escaping? What is the fate of a Female Ninja?

TV-Tokyo has released the TV drama called Oganemono O Rin 逃亡者 おりん since last Friday. Let's trace it.

Reference: Wikipedia of Oganemono O RinOfficial Website of Oganemono O RinHomepage of TV Tokyo


Every employer seeks an absolutely loyal employee; every lord seeks a perfect Kunoichi. However, the reality is far away from this dream. An alternative way is to manufacture robots.

Japan is the top nation at manufacturing robots. According to UN/ECE issues its 2000 World Robotics survey, 402,200 robots out of worldwide 742,500 were working out in Japan's industry. The number was more than half of the total. The aging population and the competition of China are reasons of its rapid development of robots. Perhaps another reason is their lord culture of slaving ninja.

(from Kujo Jotaro's Movie Blog)
This HK film released in 1991 is called Robotrix 女機械人. It was the story about how female robots fought against a mad scientist. The female robots in the film were beautiful, attractive and sexy, while they were also powerful, skillful and smart. They would be absolutely loyal to their lord as well. One of them sacrificed her life when fighting with the boss, even though she was fixed w…

Failed Assassination

As some requested to view video clips of Failed Assassination, there are some examples to show how female assassins were killed when they failed.

Tin Long Kyuek

New Shooting Star Butterfly Sword

Shen Tong Shu Yu Xiao Ba Wang

Mission Failed

Missions of ninja are usually extremely dangereous, especially assassination. If a job was easy, Samurai would do it rather leave it to ninja.

A Kunoichi, nine dead and one alive out of ten, should have known her own fate. The failure of a mission only results in horrible death.

These four female assassins were killed by enemies because of their failure.

Ninja Mission

This is an educational video that introduces the process of a ninja assassination, including its dressing, weapon, investigation and action. Let us see how a female ninja commits her mission.