Mitokomon 水戸黄門 is a well-known story in Japan. It talks about how the lord of Mito province, Tokugawa Mitsukuni 徳川光圀 cracked down the criminal. There have been 35 normal series of the TV drama since 1969. A violent struggle typically ensues near the end of each show, at which point one of his attendants flashes Komon's inro, a lacquered case bearing the Tokugawa crest, thus revealing his true identity and proclaiming: "Koko ni owasu o-kata koso, mae no fuku-shogun Mito Mitsukuni-kou ni araserareruzo." (Here in front of you is Lord Mitsukuni of Mito, the Shogun's uncle.) Although the story repeats over decades, it is still popular and the 36th series of this drama has started since July 24, 2006.

To crack down the criminal, he needed some partners. A beautiful, skillful and loyal female ninja was essential. His main Kunoichi partner was called Hayate no Oen 疾風のお娟. Let us see how she (Her name was Kagero Ogin かげろうお銀 in this series) led her female ninja army in the Special Series called Kagero Ninpocho 水戸黄門外伝 かげろう忍法帖.

Nevertheless, some kunoichi were evil and they would be eventually led to death. Here are two video clips of the death of Kunoichi enemies:


shadowmanuel said…
Thanks by put me clips in youtube
the kunichis ( are japanese ) and in China too there are kunoichis?,
Bad Leo said…
Hi, long time no see, I am Bad Leo from,
just found something lol to share with u ;)
Thanks for your sharing.
Anonymous said…
Hey there! I'm sure you no longer have these videos but do you suppose you could either post these or let me know what episode they're from? Thanks so much ^_^

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