Kunoichi vs Lemon Tea Hero

This is another TV advertisement. This advertisement was made in Hong Kong.

A female ninja used lemon pieces to challenge a waiter but failed because she had too many lemon pieces that no one would drink hers.

What is the ending of the lost Kunoichi? Torture her? Rape her? Kill her? or Drench her into a glass of lemon tea? up to you.


Tlaloc said…
I say rape and torture inside a giant glass of lemon tea! An execution would be too much for this, unless we crucify her (not nails, but rope) and exhibit her like that to humiliate her!
Go ahead to what you want.
Tlaloc said…
OK then, how about first some rape and torture, and then we "heal" all of her wounds by giving them a lemon and salt "treatment"
I wanna accept your challenge to prove myself as the bravest kunoichi!

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