Shadow Army

Kage No Gundan 影の軍団 is a very famous classic Japanese TV series. It talks about various generations of Ninja Army leader Hatori Hanzo 服部半蔵. There were also some Kunoichi in each army. They were beautiful but eventually sacrificed their lives for their mission.

Thank JMaruyama for having a detailed English article about this great work. You can read it at

Let's see how a female ninja was sacrificed in a mission:

(Kage No Gundan IV, Episode 27)

You can also visit the following sites to know more about this Shadow Army:


James Maruyama said…
The "Kage No Gundan" series starts out slow but by Part III and Part IV (the later episodes) it becomes very good. As with the "Hissastu!" series I don't really care for the slapstick humor portions of the show but the last 15-10 minutes of each episode is great. The rousing OP music for "Kage No Gundan III" is truly awesome.
Thanks a lot for your comment on Kage No Gundan.

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