Ninja Chicks Rock Club

I just join a club called Ninja Chicks Club!.

Because of joinning this club, I register as a member and create my page at KT Edison. Have a look.

In addition, I'd like to recommend another group called Masked Kunoichi Fans Group in Yahoo! Japan.


You can put blue_1_1.wmv to your YouTube, can't you?

For converting DVD, you can use DVDx. You can get it at
Thanks for your sharing. Actually the manga was introduced in

Wish you enjoy it.
Urban Kunoichi said…
Hello again, KT!

I'm back from my holiday and find you have some great new posts on your site.

These links look very interesting!

It's great to see the spirit of the kunoichi is still thriving!!
Yes, glad to know you come back. I left some messages in your blog too.

Kunoichi Forever!

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