Have you ever heard that torture of a female ninja could be a funny advertisement?

Yes, it is true. A Japanese company QLEP promotes itself by a series of TV advertisements in which a Kunoichi was tortured. Yet it is not horrible or bloody either. You'll laugh when you watch them.



Tlaloc said…
So how do you get to see something in there?
1. click the link and wait for loading
2. click skip to skip the intro flash
3. a chronicle is shown. Select one circle, say Tokyo.
4. wait for loading again
5. u'll enter a Japanese room
6. Select something in the room, such as the floor, the door, etc. Some will give you an advertisement.
Tlaloc said…
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Tlaloc said…
Yeah got into the room but I was not able to see too much advertisments. So how is it that she is being tortured? Seems more like she was captured from the ones I saw.

Wait I did see some, the one of the chibi snake, but do they even count trying a torture?

Now for real, who is the model/actress? She is so cute :).
You won't see any actual torture. You just see her look after torture. It's just a funny advertisement.

Her name is shown on the last picture. She is called MAI YAMAGUCHI.
Tlaloc said…
I know that there is no actual torture, what I mean to say is that where are the "funny tries of tortrue," maybe that is more clear of what I was trying to say as I know the ad is suppoused to be funny. By now I can see more of the commercials.

And thanks for the name.
You try to click here and there. It is difficult for me too. I always lose my way in the website. Perhaps we are experiencing how a female ninja commits her mission in a Magic Maze.

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