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Some video clips about killing female ninjas or assassins are uploaded to Youtube. Let's enjoy them at YouTube.


shadowmanuel said…
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Sure you can. Please kindly send me an email for it:

Please also feel free to visit my youtube to see any update ^_^
shadowmanuel said…
Samurai girl vs kunoichi movie.
Thanks a lot for your sharing. I love this style of fighting, even though the female ninja did not wear very well.

Look forward to seeing more clips from you. Please also feel free to visit my YouTube video list. Thanks.
shadowmanuel said…
He KT What is the name of it manga ?.
It have more details :
What excellent pictures. I love them. I am sorry that I don't know either. Any reader, please tell us if you know.
shadowmanuel said…
I ecounter here it pics :

The pics are in the number 2 or 3
is a japanese board.
I can't access the discuss board you mentioned. It shows:

You don't have permission to access /fet/bbs41/siokara.htm on this server.
shadowmanuel said…
You need used a proxy japanese
I used the hide ip platinum
for change proxys, only with it
can I enter
Would you teach me how to use Japanese Proxy, please?
shadowmanuel said…
Ok first you need it program :

after can put the serial ( number for register ) .
with control + q change proxy
search a proxy japan or USA
shadowmanuel said…
A clip kunoichi :

please in youtube can put some clip anime or real kunichi vs other
It seems that MET BBS does not welcome foreigners like us. Please feel free to share your video clips.

I love your clips of female ninjas. Did you have one scene that a red female ninja was bondaged, hanged and tortured. I think you might have the series.

I also love clips female ninjas to be cut. Thanks. Please also feel free to visit my Youtube if anything you love.
shadowmanuel said…
Some clips kunoichi in anime :

please if have some clip anime or hentai kunoichi vs kunoichi put

Rest me clips are good girl defeat bad girl .

Can put here the two pics in manga
kunoichi vs kunoichi what put in MET bbs?.
Thanks for your sharing. Actually you can view the whole episode at

I prefer to real movies rather than Anime.

Please feel free to leave more messages here and introduce this blog to your friends.
The picture you showed comes from a Manga called Red Wind 紅の風, published in Fairy Paradise フェアリーパラダイス.
shadowmanuel said…
Red windows you know if some have the full fight girl vs kunoichi ?
I have 2 clips blue girl where she fight with a blonde ninja girl can I put here it clips ?.
shadowmanuel said…
For me is more easy encounter anime
what in real.
The clips real what I put a friend
of meto bbs he sen me a dvd.
I can convert a mp4 and avi.
I love the girl o kunoichi vs other kunoichis have action and beautifull girls.
shadowmanuel said…
For kt a manga where a miko defeat a kunoichi and one pic more :
I just know the name but have no any picture of the manga.

Thanks for sharing your manga pictures.

Please feel free to leave any of your clips at this blog.
shadowmanuel said…
Ok in these days I put by rapidshare the fight blue girl vs kunichi blonde, too can put the erotic fight ?

and please if some have more pics
of red wind please put here
Sure you can. Sure I will. Thanks a lot.
shadowmanuel said…
Ok firs part blue girl vs a kunoichi :

Too upload it fight to youtube
Hey KY you know animes where there are fights female or kunoichi vs other kunoichis?.
shadowmanuel said…
In the manga of yamibou too there are combats school girl vs kunocihis?.
The file has been shown in your previous comment. Anyway, thanks.

In yamibou, there is only one episode about the combat between the schoolgirl and the kunoichi army. Please refer to the video I mentioned and the article at
shadowmanuel said…
The last Kuno is the clip the blue girl bs blonde kunoichi.

I question by the manga of yamibou
if too in the manga there are more fights.
shadowmanuel said…

In youtube blue girl vs blonde kunocihi, KT is posible put it video in your page?.
Thanks for your sharing. I added your clip to my favorite.

By the way, your second is the same as your first Please kindly check them.

This album contains what you want.
shadowmanuel said…
Ohh is anime shadow I love the fights kunocihi vs kunoichi, I have the second clip of blue girl
she and the other kunocihi fight nude after the blue girl attack and torture the tits and vagina of the kunocihi it clip weight 55 mb.
shadowmanuel said…
Hey kt in two days I put the second clip blue girl where the blonde is defeat in combat and torture by the school girl.

By rapidshare please know what combats kunocihi vs kunocihi there are in the anime shadow?.
shadowmanuel said…
It is the second clip :

Please can put a clip in youtube
of anime kunocihi vs kunoichi or
girl vs kunocihi ?

You know japanese or have some video converter or for edit video or dvd ?
The comment list of this entry is too long. Can we move on to my latest article's comment list? Thanks.
shadowmanuel said…
Yes can move not problems.
shadowmanuel said…
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shadowmanuel said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
shadowmanuel said…
Three pics a kunoichi defeat a bad girl :
shadowmanuel said…

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