Sport Campaign

Japan is a nation that emphasizes the professional very much. Every career has its professional standard and masters of whatever career is well expected in the nation. Examination is a mean of auditing one's profession. Even if you want to be a female ninja, please pass the exam.

It isn't a joke. There are two well known examinations of being a female ninja. Both test the physical capability of candidates. Although the candidates are female, the tests are so cruel and difficult that many men cannot handle.

One is called Miss Kunoichi Audition ミスくの一オーデション organized by Koga No Sato Ninjutsu Village 甲賀の里忍術村. The 22nd game application has just ended. For detail, please contact Koga No Sato Ninjutsu Village Miss Kunoichi Audition Office 甲賀の里忍術村ミスくの一オーディション事務局 at

Address: 520-3405 滋賀県甲賀市甲賀町隠岐394
Telephone: 0748-88-5000
Fax: 0748-88-2108

Another is called SASUKE New Year Strongest Woman No.1 Kunoichi Campaign SASUKE謹賀新年最強の女性No.1決定戦KUNOICHI organized by Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc (TBS). For detail, see also:

Website: TBS「SASUKE謹賀新年最強の女性No.1決定戦KUNOICHI」
Video: Japanese TV - Athletic girls in Japan


Tlaloc said…
Man I really felt bad for the last girl, she gave all of her best; still at my eyes they all win. I just have something for women with athletic bodies who could totally kick my ass or kill me, just like Erika Nagai.
You know, fate is cruel, whoever you are. Being a female ninja, she should be well trained to accept any challenge and commit any mission. Choice is done by God, not by human being.

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