One on One Duelling

The scene of Cowboy Duelling in American movies is known as a clone of Samurai Duelling in movies of Akira Kurozawa 黒澤明, especially in Seven Samurai 七人の侍. Actually such exciting duelling screenshots were common in Japanese movies in the middle of the last century. This kind of duelling is fair, exciting and peaceful, unlike Western boxing or Chinese Kungfu. This shows the spirit of Samurai.

On the other hand, what if the counterpart is a female ninja? She must die because she is not a samurai. Ninjas are only suitable for dark tasks such as assassination. Let's review how Kunoichi ladies were killed.

In a forum, someone asked

    why ever the destiny of kunoichi is dead by a man is some tradition japanese?

And the response was

    You won't feel weired if you understand the characteristics of a female ninja.

    Samurais in the ancient Japan were those like Knights in the Middle Age of Europe. They collected honor by fighting in battles for their lords. They emphasized direct and fair battle between men. Either the winner or the loser should acknowledge the result, whatever it is. This is so called the spirit of Samurai.

    However, ninjas were different. American media used to describing ninjas as warriors or martial masters. This description was wrong. Only Samurais were warriors and masters, while Ninjas were just slaves who were utilized to perform dangerous and secret tasks, such as spying and assassination. Ninjas could not show off and never combat directly.

    Since Samuras are in the top class of the society, they never treat ninjas as human being. Men was higher than women in class.

    Female Ninjas were much worse. In addition to combat secretly, they used to utilizing sex and poison to commit missions. In order to become as strong as male ninjas or even stronger, they were trained to be without humanity at all, much cruel than male ninjas.

    Therefore, Samurais feared female ninjas very much and hated them very much as well. Female ninjas were considered as the cheapest and the evilest of the evilest.

    Once a female ninja was caught, for revenage, Samurais would use various methods to torture the female ninja.


Anonymous said…
If you were in the military, you would be Major Retard.
Tlaloc said…
I don't see that as Retard, as it was a really good answer.

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