Kunoichi Media Services

What if a kunoichi can make money? Yes it is true. I just by chance found a company called Kunoichi Media Service. This company aims at providing solutions for Corporate Branding and Creative Services.

However, I think this company looks as mysterious as a female ninja. It just tells you her email addresses and general phone number but no mailing/business address.

Lovely Kunoichi, where are you? Here I am, here I am, I miss you...

Find her out at http://www.kunoichi.com/.


Bad Leo said…
Dear KT, Thanks for your comment, and sure, your site is really cool! but most of them look like not in real world, they live in animation..
Bad Leo said…
Sure~! and that my pleasure~

>>>You’re right. It’s hard to find female ninjas in the real world. As I mentioned in http://bladeak.blogspot.com/2006/06/kunoichi-ownership.html , it is impossible to possess Appearance, Capability and Loyalty together in the real world. Anyway, I will keep finding more and more stories about female ninjas. Thanks for visiting my blog.

By the way, might I add your blog into my Link list, please?

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