Flowery Kunoichi Team

As mentioned in Traveller Yami, Hat and Book, it is a tragedy when female ninjas are controlled by a devil. Even though they are pretty, skillful and loyal, because of loyalty to the devil, they will be terribly eliminated by the just force. Flowery Kunoichi Team 花のくノ一組 is another group of female ninjas loyal to the devil.

They were shown in a Japanese Super Hero TV series called Ninja Sentai Kakuranger 忍者戦隊カクレンジャー. This group consisted of five members, who were Lily ユリ, Water Lotus スイレン, Sweet Flag アヤメ, Cherry Blossom サクラ and Orchid ラン. They were actually created from five cats by the devil. They were described as cruel, skilled female ninjas armed with Ninja Magic, and were capable of disguise.

Serving the devil certainly results in punishment. They were not exceptions. Eventually they were defeated by the just force Ninja Sentai Kakuranger and returned to be cats again.



Anonymous said…
Super Sentai Resource:
Chris said…
LOL. Awesome Awesome!Can you get that show on DVD?
James Maruyama said…
Great site KT! I think they were one of the few bright spots for "Kakuranger" and I wish that they were utilized more in the show as they were great villains. They were similar to the Kunoichi team that menaced the lead character Joe in the anime series "Ninja Senshi Tobikage" (1984) who I think were also named after flowers. I think my favorite Kunoichi villains have to the the "Ladies" in "Uchu Keiji Shader" (1986). Their fights with heroine Annie (Morinaga Naomi) were awesome!
Female Ninja said…
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Anonymous said…
How did Flowery Kunoichi team return to cats: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JUOCeZKyNM
Tlaloc said…
Now that is a sentai show! Not like the horrible disfiguration we get in the west from Power Rangers!
Haha.... somehow the American adoption lost the main idea of the original Japanese version. Perhaps American at that moment had not understood the true meaning of Ninja.

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