Destiny of Kunoichi

As shown before, the destiny of Kunoichi is most likly miserable. A Manga called Kunoichi Ranfucho くノ一乱風帖 showed how five female ninjas lived in a cruel world and were killed in a cruel way.

Kunoichi Ranfucho くノ一乱風帖: Five female ninjas sacrificed their lives to commit their mission.

As saying goes, Knowledge can change Destiny. If you really love a female ninja, please save her by your expertise. We can let her live in a happy world as another Manga called Secret Female Ninja 密警女忍者 described.

Secret Female Ninja 密警女忍者: A loyal female ninja protects her lord in the ancient Japan and the modern world. The lord returns protecting her as well.



Tlaloc said…
Dude, check out the story that is being in progress here:
Excellent story. Thanks a lot tlaloc.
Anyone has this game
Tlaloc said…
Wow, I would like to know more about that game.

Anyway, the site is called Lesbians Sexual Torture, and it is own by Gureda, which seems to be the japanese adaption of the Greta name, I am sure it comes from the Greta (aka Ilsa at times) exploitation movie series. Not sure if Gureda is male or female.

Gureda's site focus on collecting info from these kinds of movies, and as well other elements like books or art pieces. But Gureda also has some illustrated stories of femme fatales who must suffer the downsides of their work, just like all kunoichi.

Gureda seems to be behind the stories but illustrations come from an artist whose name seems to be "Cicada Circle." I have seen other works of his on other websites, but for now let's focus on Gureda's.

Their flagship series seems to be Spy Woman K, it tells the adventures of Kyouka Hayashi; a beautiful japanese woman who works as a special/undercover agent for the WTT organization, and whose measures are 1.68 meters, B94、W60、H90. Actually there are some illustrations which feature agent Hayashi as a kunoichi, and she has to go through what all kunoichi and failed spies go; torture that is and it is very wide, piranhas, snakes, hammers, needles, red hot irons, skinning and what ever they can get to touch and damage her lovely flesh. You can see her here:

Seems they have decided to move on from Kyouka, and make some other stories:

After her, came SpyJ. The female lead looks a lot like Kyouka and might be an ancestor of hers; the story seems to take place between late 19th and early 20th centrury Japan. Since the story has a more traditional japanese environment, than Kyouka's that have an international one; the tortures are of course traditional japanese ones, that some are shown on k.t.'s top 13 tortures. Seems that this spy wants to avenge her father, but ends up captured and tortured. Now I am not sure if the story ends up with her death, or she just faints after all of the tortures. Her story here:

The next story is Reiji something. Well it has a post-apocalyptic/sci-fi environment so it has to be the most drastically different of all of Gureda's stories. Reiji is an amazon, who tries to protect some hidden rebels or something alike, as they try to repopulate since humans are getting extinct (sorry for the awful way I am telling this story, but I can't read japanese and the plot is not clear). Anyway, Reiji is captured and tortured to confess, and this is even shown to a wide audience of aliens (I know I would had paied good cash to see a show like that :) ).

Looks like there was another woman admired my Reiji who got captured, but gave her life in the torture process so the invaders would know nothing (such a brave woman, to the very end). Anyway, while I like the idea of the audience, which would cheer in joy of seeing Reiji humiliated and tortured; this story has to be the worst one made by Gureda so far. I was expecting that the beast locked with Reiji to fight would be more brutal, and as well I expected more brutal tortures on Reiji; not just some parasite which gave diarrhea and vomit.

I was actually expecting for Reiji to get executed at the very end, not that the bad guys would won; but that the rebels would came to rescue Reiji, however they arrive to late; and Reiji died a brave woman by not giving away any info just like the girl who was executed before her. Sadly none of that happened, and the story ended up too corny. Still it is worth seeing the art:

Next we have the specialty of the blog, Gureda's kunoichi story which I posted and has been finished. Looking at the kunoichi star, she looks also like Kyouka so maybe she could be an ancestor of her, and the girl from the SpyJ series.

It is interesting the elements they place in the story, we are shown how "kunoichi Kyouka" (let's use that or k. K. since I don't have the idea of the kunoichi's name), and some friends were trained in the art at a very tender age; just so they could grow up to be bitter rivals after all the time they spent surviving together. There is also a flashback where k. K. is show being trained to endure tortures, by being locked away in a pool of water along with an electric eel! (Or several).

Now the tortures are brutal for real, after how light they were on Reiji's story. There is a part in which they tie her up, and whip her up to the point they even compare her suffering and torture to that of Jesus! And they end by tying k. K. to some wheel, so she can be pressed against some really sharp needles/spikes which do a lot of bloody damage on her tender body! Heck even there is a scene where the bad guys, drink some beverage to enjoy seeing her suffer. A true breathtaking story, and one of the best works on torturing a kunoichi! You can see it here:

Currently they Gureda and Cicada are working on a new story, inspired it seems by the current political environment we are going through. The star this time is called Sara, I am not sure of her nationality as she could be japanese or from the west.

Sara is some soldier/undercover agent also from WTT, sent to the middle east for some mission on a man who quite possibly be related to terrorism, the man gets killed but still Sara is not able to fully escape and gets captured, ready for torture!!! It seems agent Kyouka might return here. So far this story is going very good, Sara has gone through quite brutal tortures, like removal of fingernails! Which would be Sara's fate? Check the story in progress here:

Sorry if this got out of hand, as maybe I should just had mentioned the kunoichi story, but maybe as k.t. said, we should limit to the traditional image of a kunoichi since female spies would easily fit in the parameter.

Once I sent an e-mail to Gureda asking on many things which by now I forgot (maybe like why the creation of the site, and if we would see more of Kyouka), maybe I got ignored or Gureda does not know English well. Maybe it could help if k.t. or I mention this blog on Gureda's message boards, to see if we get some info, just as k.t. mention the blog on Kanai's message board.

After all of this one thing is for sure, I would personally love to test agent Kyouka's endurance; as well that of her little friends even Reiji!
Tlaloc said…
Me again, here are some of the games illustrated by Cicada Circle.

In the first one you torture a spy, in the second one some resistance woman and the third and only downloadable game is about a commando woman.

It seems the games are about using different commands to torture the spies in order to get information from them, but the problems could be that too much torture might make them go insane, or even kill them. Only the first game has a known illustration where the spy woman is seen hanging dead after all the torture, there is not a scene like that for the short haired girl, and is seems commando girl does not have one either. Actually I have no idea how to play her game since the japanese characters are not even shown on my PC; but yes I can access all of her pictures with the game's download.

I think that the second girl goes through a much drastic torture as there is one you can only use twice, which seems to be making her blind by poking her eyes with a red hot iron needle!

You can also leave comments in the area down to the botton, but it seems they ignored me.

The site itself seems to be home to erotic torture stories, with very few illustrations around.

And if you check here, you can see some other illustrations by Cicada where another spy like woman, gets what she was made to expect in life:
Tlaloc said…
Not related to Cicada, but this guy (or maybe it is a team) really knows how to make CG animations of fighting heroines; and I think there are some kunoichi among them. I managed to download 2 trailers, as they took me the whole day. Man I would love to see all the real things for real.
Thanks a lot for your detailed sharing.
Tlaloc said…
Hello! I have 2 things, sadly I have not been feeling well lately, so please let's pray so I can get back to my normal self quickly so I can help in the fight against kunoichi and second, it seems the gureda site is down, not sure if temporary, it is moved or gone.

Sadly I was not able to keep the images of the kunoichi story since they were hard to load, so maybe the site will change for better.
Hi Tlaloc, take it easy. Life is always wonderful. Take care.
Tlaloc said…
Thank youi for the support KT! I am feelinf less bad this times so I hope I get well soon. Oh and this is Gureda's new site!

Also I had trouble posting on your blog, but let's see if the problem is gone.
Yes, I can see your post, Tlaloc. Thanks for your update.
The original name of the second comics is called くノ21ホタル Kuno Nizjuichi Hotaru.
Tlaloc said…
Gureda sensei now keeps his stories other than those of Spywoman Kyouka Hayashi in here:

So now his kunochi story can be found there.
Thanks a lot for your update. I love the drawing and the story of its Kunoichi section.

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