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YouTube at glance

Some video clips about killing female ninjas or assassins are uploaded to Youtube. Let's enjoy them at YouTube.

Fiction: 最後的關口

For those who cannot read Traditional Chinese, please kindly use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation.

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Flowery Kunoichi Team

As mentioned in Traveller Yami, Hat and Book, it is a tragedy when female ninjas are controlled by a devil. Even though they are pretty, skillful and loyal, because of loyalty to the devil, they will be terribly eliminated by the just force. Flowery Kunoichi Team 花のくノ一組 is another group of female ninjas loyal to the devil.

They were shown in a Japanese Super Hero TV series called Ninja Sentai Kakuranger 忍者戦隊カクレンジャー. This group consisted of five members, who were Lily ユリ, Water Lotus スイレン, Sweet Flag アヤメ, Cherry Blossom サクラ and Orchid ラン. They were actually created from five cats by the devil. They were described as cruel, skilled female ninjas armed with Ninja Magic, and were capable of disguise.

Serving the devil certainly results in punishment. They were not exceptions. Eventually they were defeated by the just force Ninja Sentai Kakuranger and returned to be cats again.

Reference: Wikipedia - Ninja Sentai KakurangerWikipedia - 忍者戦隊カクレンジャーComparison between Japanese version and Americ…

Sport Campaign

Japan is a nation that emphasizes the professional very much. Every career has its professional standard and masters of whatever career is well expected in the nation. Examination is a mean of auditing one's profession. Even if you want to be a female ninja, please pass the exam.

It isn't a joke. There are two well known examinations of being a female ninja. Both test the physical capability of candidates. Although the candidates are female, the tests are so cruel and difficult that many men cannot handle.

One is called Miss Kunoichi Audition ミスくの一オーデション organized by Koga No Sato Ninjutsu Village 甲賀の里忍術村. The 22nd game application has just ended. For detail, please contact Koga No Sato Ninjutsu Village Miss Kunoichi Audition Office 甲賀の里忍術村ミスくの一オーディション事務局 at

Address: 520-3405 滋賀県甲賀市甲賀町隠岐394
Telephone: 0748-88-5000
Fax: 0748-88-2108

Another is called SASUKE New Year Strongest Woman No.1 Kunoichi Campaign SASUKE謹賀…

Kunoichi Media Services

What if a kunoichi can make money? Yes it is true. I just by chance found a company called Kunoichi Media Service. This company aims at providing solutions for Corporate Branding and Creative Services.

However, I think this company looks as mysterious as a female ninja. It just tells you her email addresses and general phone number but no mailing/business address.

Lovely Kunoichi, where are you? Here I am, here I am, I miss you...

Find her out at

Destiny of Kunoichi

As shown before, the destiny of Kunoichi is most likly miserable. A Manga called Kunoichi Ranfucho くノ一乱風帖 showed how five female ninjas lived in a cruel world and were killed in a cruel way.

Kunoichi Ranfucho くノ一乱風帖: Five female ninjas sacrificed their lives to commit their mission.

As saying goes, Knowledge can change Destiny. If you really love a female ninja, please save her by your expertise. We can let her live in a happy world as another Manga called Secret Female Ninja 密警女忍者 described.

Secret Female Ninja 密警女忍者: A loyal female ninja protects her lord in the ancient Japan and the modern world. The lord returns protecting her as well.

Reference: Amazon Japan - くノ一乱風帖Books Taiwan - 密警女忍者

One on One Duelling

The scene of Cowboy Duelling in American movies is known as a clone of Samurai Duelling in movies of Akira Kurozawa 黒澤明, especially in Seven Samurai 七人の侍. Actually such exciting duelling screenshots were common in Japanese movies in the middle of the last century. This kind of duelling is fair, exciting and peaceful, unlike Western boxing or Chinese Kungfu. This shows the spirit of Samurai.

On the other hand, what if the counterpart is a female ninja? She must die because she is not a samurai. Ninjas are only suitable for dark tasks such as assassination. Let's review how Kunoichi ladies were killed.

In a forum, someone asked

why ever the destiny of kunoichi is dead by a man is some tradition japanese?

And the response was

You won't feel weired if you understand the characteristics of a female ninja.

Samurais in the ancient Japan were those like Knights in the Middle Age of Europe. They collected honor by fighting in battles for their lords. They emphasized direct and fair battle …