Traveller Yami, Hat and Book

As described in previous articles, a female ninja is pretty, skillful and loyal. She is an excellent slave. But it is a nightmare if she is controlled by the devil. This is because her ultimate power is a disaster to victims and she will be eventually destroyed in a cruel way by the Just.

As well as in Lone Wolf and Cub, the tragedy mentioned in the above happens in a Japanese Anime called Traveller Yami, Hat and Book ヤミと帽子と本の旅人 Episode 8 and 9.

The story began in a peaceful village.

There were some Samurais to protect the Princess of Bamboo Forest.

The lovely village lady was actually a female ninja. She led her Kunoichi group to commit the order of the devil.

He commanded the female ninjas to kidnap the Princess. They secretly entered the Palace and assassinated the Samurais.

The schoolgirl of Just came out and cleaned the Kunoichi group by her sword.

The female ninja who had originally been a lovely lady was eventually cut apart. She was lovely but this result was what she should earn.

The devil was also destroyed by the Just so the Princess was saved.

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I would observe a minute of silence for the lady ninja due to her cruelly miserable misfortune, although I was sorry about her evil behavior.



shadowmanuel said…
Great page I love it anime
when fight with the kunoichis great fight.

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