Top Thirteen Tortures

Under Japanese Male Chauvinism, it was shamed for a sumarai to be defeated by a female ninja. When a female ninja was captured by sumarais, therefore, she would be tortured in very cruel ways. Someone listed top thirteen tortures of the ancient Japan against captured female ninjas as the below:

    1. Breast Insertion
    Her pair of breasts was inserted by a needle stick from one side to the other. Then the stick with the kunoichi would be hangged up.

    2. Belly Cut
    Her belly was cut to open. Her organs would be gradually flowed out.

    3. Copper Ironning
    Her vagina was inserted by a very ironned copper stick so then her vagina would be ironned.

    4. Bondage
    She was entirely bondaged by steel wire. The wire would be gradually adjusted to be more tight until her bones were broken.

    5. Roasting
    She was roasted over an ironned board.

    6. Head Openning
    Her head was openned at the top and then her brain was hit into liquid by a hammer.

    7. Chest Digging
    Her chest was cut to open. Then her muscle and organs were digged out piece by piece.

    8. Shot
    She was bondaged on a vertical board. Then more than ten archers shot her vagina together arrows by arrows until she died.

    9. Pulling over Needle Board
    Her body was pulled over a needle board. She was shuttled on the board by forces from two ends.

    10. Finger Break
    Her fingers were pulled to be broken one by one.

    11. Hanging
    She was hanged to death by breaking her neck backbone.

    12. Mass Rape
    She was raped by an army of soldiers in turn until she died (not until men were tired).

    13. Paddling
    She was made into an X shape and bondaged on a board. Then either her belly or vagina was hit by paddles until her organs were all broken.

According to Japanese tradition, suicide was only allowed for an honorable sumarai. Lower-class people, such as Ninja and especially Kunoichi, were not qualified to commit suicide. They were just machines to commit missions ordered by their lords. In consequence, during torture what she could only do was to suffer it.

In addition, a sumarai was more confident to keep capturing a kunoichi than a ninja. He would therefore be willing to spend more times and methods on her before killing her. A female ninja was poor, wasn't she?


Anonymous said…
How horrible, such implementations against woman should never have been devised.
Anonymous said…
It seems that Japanese men like such implementation against women who wear black stocking. This blog shows some Japanese movies that contain such horrible scene.
Anonymous said…
According to, if caught or seen, they would have been identified as enemies. This would only result in capture, torture, and probably a very slow and painful execution.
Tlaloc said…
Thanks for placing the top 13 on kunoichi torture!! It sure was informative. BTW where did you get the image for the vagina ironing? Lol guess I would had spend a lot of time with all of my captured kunoichi, torturing them lol. I really would not try to kill them unless they get really bitchy. I would love to break their will so they become my slaves lol!
Yes, being tortured is the fate of Kunoichi. What they can do is to accept their own fate.
Tlaloc said…
Agree but really which is the source for the picture in torture number 3?
It is captured from a Chinese Movie called A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II.
Tlaloc said…
Oh OK thanks!
Anonymous said…
Hi, please can you let me know the source for pictures 12 and 13, thanks
Tlaloc said…
Wow, I just saw the episode of Masters of Horror called Imprint, and in it they torture a prostitute by burning her armpits with incense, they insert needles under her fingernails and then is hanged in some bizarre way and even urinates in fear and pain while being hanged. Were kunoichi also placed under this torture or only prostitutes?
I think Samurai would like to torture Kunoichi rather than prostitutes. This is because Kunoichi is their enemy and their threat.

They needed to torture her to get some confidential information.

Unlike Kunoichi, prostitutes were their assets or treasures. They would let them feel very well.
Anonymous said…
there thousands of movies made in japan full of these tortures . ya just can't buy them . unless you no someone in japan and have zone 2 player .

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