Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya 聖闘士星矢 is a well-known Japanese anime. It was a story of Saint Knights of the Zodiac for the godness Pallas Athena. There are various Saint Knights in the story. Each knight wore Saint Armor which was represented by a certain constellation.

Perhaps because of Japanese Male Chauvinism, female Saint Knights in the story were strictly limited. They were weak. They wore sexy tights. They must wear masks. If one showed her face to a man, she must kill the man or she must be married with the man. (If you are strong enough, pick up their masks :P) Their missions were mostly some works in the dark, such as spying or assassination. However as they were weak, the main heroes could easily defeat them.

Weak, Sexy, Masked, Dark, what kind of people were the female Saint Knights? FEMALE NINJA. Although the job title is changed, the female is still treated as a female ninja, sometimes even worse than a slave, in Japanese society. So they were actually as poor as a Female Ninja was.

Let's have a look of female Saint Knights:

Marina - Teacher of Seiya

Sharina - Enemy but later lover of Seiya

Geist - Sister of Sharina, the only female killed by Seiya

June - Classmate of Shun



Tlaloc said…
I really don't see how Saint Seiya fits into this, and truth is they were very strong as Marin was Seiya's teacher. Heck, they can beat most western superheroes and some manga ones. But Marin is boring, Sharina is bipolar and her sister is so so. June is the best of them, but hardly got some time in the series. That whip of hers really give her more personality over the other girls.
some suggests not to limit the definition of Kunoichi as the traditional style only.
Tlaloc said…
Oh OK, sorry on that. So would this include Lelia from the 80's videogame Rolling Thunder? As she is a spy who gets captured and tortured.
She can. Ninja is actually a kind of spy or assassins.

Yet next time Lelia'd better wear mini-skirt and black stocking if she wanna join the family of Kunoichi.

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