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Traveller Yami, Hat and Book

As described in previous articles, a female ninja is pretty, skillful and loyal. She is an excellent slave. But it is a nightmare if she is controlled by the devil. This is because her ultimate power is a disaster to victims and she will be eventually destroyed in a cruel way by the Just.

As well as in Lone Wolf and Cub, the tragedy mentioned in the above happens in a Japanese Anime called Traveller Yami, Hat and Book ヤミと帽子と本の旅人 Episode 8 and 9.

The story began in a peaceful village.

There were some Samurais to protect the Princess of Bamboo Forest.

The lovely village lady was actually a female ninja. She led her Kunoichi group to commit the order of the devil.

He commanded the female ninjas to kidnap the Princess. They secretly entered the Palace and assassinated the Samurais.

The schoolgirl of Just came out and cleaned the Kunoichi group by her sword.

The female ninja who had originally been a lovely lady was eventually cut apart. She was lovely but this result was what she should earn.


Kunoichi Ownership

A female ninja is known as pretty, skillful and loyal. They are the ideal criteria of women or wives in men's mind. Every man may dream of such lady accompanied with him everyday but this dream is not easy. Appearance, Capability and Loyalty are called Impossible Trinity, i.e. we can just own two of them at most.

We can't own a real ideal lady, why not just own a figure that makes you dream of her? A figure shop in Japan releases a series of Kunoichi. The dolls look lovely and parts including clothes and weapons are fine. They will be your best collections.

Kunoichi Series No.001 (Black, Red, Purple)

Kunoichi Series No.002 (Green, Red, Blue)

Get them back home to secure your safety

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Kunoichi in Bakumatsu

Bakumatsu 幕末, the period of the Late Tokugawa Shogunate followed by Modernized Meiji Era, stimulates various imagination in Japan. This is because it was a romantic period. The conflict between the reform party and the conservative was very severe. They donated their youth, blood and love to the ideal they held. Tenchu 天誅, the plan of assassination against politicians, is a symbol of that period.

Photo posted in Late Tokugawa Shogunate - Wikipedia
Bakumatsu was a boundary between the feudal world and the modern world. It is an interesting topic to examine how the people thought during that period. Female Ninjas, the tools used in the feudal, were thought of being impacted most. Modern women are open, independent, intelligent, free, fairly treated regardless of gender, while Female Ninjas were closed, loyal, slaved, treated without humanity. It has been described in the first article of this blog.

Bakumatsu was therefore the stage where Female Ninjas ceased. They were poor and it was a tr…

Super Ninja Generator

Authoring a fiction is a long process. It spends your brain and your time up. It'a also painful to create some characters in mind. Won't it be wonderful that my ninja magic can create them automatically? Yes and now you can.

Super Ninja Generator in Seventh Sactum is a great tool for such creation. It can generate a description of super ninjas (as well as female ninjas). Here's one of my choice:

This joyful kunoichi is tall and has an amazonian build. Her droopy eyes are blue. She has straight, blue hair worn in a style that resembles a wave of water. She uses an ancient form of martial arts that emphasizes elbow jabs. Her preferred weapons are knives. She is skilled in sign language and sports. She can summon and take on the traits of ancestral spirits.

Isn't it awesome?

Ninja Chicks

Skin tight black costumes. Sharp knives. Nothing is more sexy than a beautiful assassin on the hunt.

This is the openning sentence of Ninja Chicks, a webpage authored by Kevin A. Geiselman. The webpage has introduced many Kunoichi characters in various Anime. Let us review some of them:

Kagero (Ninja Scroll) -
Tough and sexy, all in one tight package. Look, but don't touch. Her duties an official food taster has made her not only immune to poisons but has also made her quite poisonous.

Sakura (Ninja Cadets) -
Perky is probably the last word you would think to use in describing a ninja.

Misao Makimachi (Rurouni Kenshin) -
Also known as The Weasel Girl, this 16 year old Ninja is the self proclaimed leader of the Oniwabanshu.

Jiyu Nanohana (Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl) -
A pretty 15-year old girl possessed by the spirit of Japan's greatest swordmaster, Jubei Yagyu . . . what's not to like? "Plump, bouncy, bon-bons."

Anna Feeple (Ninja High School)

Miko Mido (La Blue Girl) -

Ninjazz Dance

As mentioned in Politics, the spirit of Ninja has involved in our daily life, especially for Japanese. The topic of this article is DANCE.

Similar to Chinese Kung Fu, in view of the Western, the ninja magic is a kind of martial arts. It is really an art rather than irrational fighting. Clothes and weapons of a ninja are also interesting.

Furthermore, a Japanese group called Ninpaku 忍者博覧会 has created a dance that is involved with ninja magic. This dance is called Ninjazz Dance 忍ジャーズダンス. Let us appreciate the art.

Dancing Kunoichi (Performance Video, Training Video)

Reference: Ninpaku 忍者博覧会 -

Top Thirteen Tortures

Under Japanese Male Chauvinism, it was shamed for a sumarai to be defeated by a female ninja. When a female ninja was captured by sumarais, therefore, she would be tortured in very cruel ways. Someone listed top thirteen tortures of the ancient Japan against captured female ninjas as the below:

1. Breast Insertion
Her pair of breasts was inserted by a needle stick from one side to the other. Then the stick with the kunoichi would be hangged up.

2. Belly Cut
Her belly was cut to open. Her organs would be gradually flowed out.

3. Copper Ironning
Her vagina was inserted by a very ironned copper stick so then her vagina would be ironned.

4. Bondage
She was entirely bondaged by steel wire. The wire would be gradually adjusted to be more tight until her bones were broken.

5. Roasting
She was roasted over an ironned board.

6. Head Openning
Her head was openned at the top and then her brain was hit into liquid by a hammer.

7. Chest Digging
Her chest was cut to open. Then her muscle and organs were digged o…

Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya 聖闘士星矢 is a well-known Japanese anime. It was a story of Saint Knights of the Zodiac for the godness Pallas Athena. There are various Saint Knights in the story. Each knight wore Saint Armor which was represented by a certain constellation.

Perhaps because of Japanese Male Chauvinism, female Saint Knights in the story were strictly limited. They were weak. They wore sexy tights. They must wear masks. If one showed her face to a man, she must kill the man or she must be married with the man. (If you are strong enough, pick up their masks :P) Their missions were mostly some works in the dark, such as spying or assassination. However as they were weak, the main heroes could easily defeat them.

Weak, Sexy, Masked, Dark, what kind of people were the female Saint Knights? FEMALE NINJA. Although the job title is changed, the female is still treated as a female ninja, sometimes even worse than a slave, in Japanese society. So they were actually as poor as a Female Ninja was.


Fiction: 慶長忍法帖

For those who cannot read Traditional Chinese, please kindly use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation.

See the Story Background at Seven-Year War - Wikipedia.


在 德川家居城裡,連陰暗角落都會有人居住.這些人平時吃住都在橫樑的閣樓上,只有少數人能夠察覺她們的存在.月出而作,月落而息.他們便是德川家的女忍者. 因為忍者不能露面,而地上的陰暗位置都住了男忍者,所以她們只能夠住在狹窄得連動身也困難的閣樓.因為她們自小一直這樣生活,所以性格開朗的她們都樂在其 中.

出勤的時候,她們內裡都會穿著一件從頸到腳都包裹得緊緊密密的絲網衣,以黑色天蠶絲織成,輕柔順滑,不但穿得輕盈,增加其速度及敏捷 度,而且緊緊密密的絲織提供有限的保護.她們外面則加上一件和服樣式外衣,上身短袖,下身蓋至大腿上半部,純粹為了遮掩敏感部位(乳頭與陰部)而已.她們 還會披上黑色的面紗,掩飾身份之餘也不會阻礙呼吸.為了行動方便,她們的武器通常是一把匕首,有時則帶多兩三枝小飛鏢.裝備的簡略,加上男女體能上的差 距,她們通常不會與敵人正面衝突,或者只有死路一條.正是因為她們意識自己生存率極低,反而培養出「活在當下」的積極人生觀.

慶長元年 (公元一五九六年)的一個晚上,掛在頂層樑上的天氣娃娃搖擺了十六次,意思即是主公召見.駐守頂層的女忍者-阿眉,阿蝶,阿喬,阿瑶和阿玲,見狀便迅速前 往主公寢室.為了方便,平時在樑上她們都不穿外衣,只穿絲網衣.她們躺在天花板上,利用絲網衣的光滑,用腿一推,把自己溜到德川家康寢室的天花上.作為那 五人的頭目,阿玲向德川家康報到.