Shinobi Love Story

We introduced Ninja Fiction Master Yamada Fuutarou 山田風太郎 in Movie History and one of his masterwork Kunoichi Chronicles in Kunoichi Chronicles series. Recently this master shows his magic again.

Another of his masterwork is called Koga Chronicles 甲賀忍法帖. This fiction has been adopted to comics and recently live movie. The comics version is called Basilisk while the movie version is called Shinobi.

バジリスク~甲賀忍法帖 Basilisk


The story began with two ninja families: Koga Manjidani Syu 甲賀卍谷衆 and Iga Tsubagakure Syu 伊賀鍔隠れ衆. Two families had fought each other until Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu 徳川家康 commanded them to stop fighting each other. This command led these two families live in peace and love between Koga Gennosuke 甲賀弦之介 and Obonro 朧.

However the command was abandoned by Tokugawa Ieyasu later because he wanted to select his family successor between his two grandsons: Takechiyo 竹千代 and Kunichiyo 国千代. He assigned Koga family to represent Kunichiyo and Iga family to represent Takechiyo. Ten members (only five members in the movie version) were selected from each family. Their mission was to kill all members of their opposite family. Which family can still have live members was the winner and its represented grandson would be the next Shogun.

Finally, two families remained Gennosuke and Obonro only. They loved each other very much but the fate made them kill each other. Obonro was killed and Gennosuke wrote down Obonro as the final successor before he commmitted suicide. This is a ninja version Romeo-Juliet story.



This movie looks really interesting. I look forward to it becoming available in the UK!
I know that it starts to show in Asia Pacific outside Japan recently. I think it will be available in US and UK soon.
Anonymous said…
indeed a much acclaimed and praised love story. I had no idea it was based on a Manga, it's just whetted my appetite for both... thank you
Correctly speaking, the manga, the animation and the movie all based on the fiction with the same name.

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