Survival Arts

As mentioned in the article Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, American created their own image of Female Ninja. This image is shown again in an Arcade game - Survival Arts.

Survival Arts is known as an ugly clone of Mortal Kombat, which is in contrast an excellent fighting game. From character design to playing mode, it is very similar to or worse than Mortal Kombat. There is no reason except appreciating Tasha more to play this game.

The following is the offical information of the female ninja in the game:
  • Name: Tasha (ターシャ)
  • Age: 20
  • Height(inch)/Weight(pound): 69/137
  • Bust/Waist/Hip(inch): 34/24/35
  • Description: A member of the female ninja's "Cobra Faction". She enters the Survival Arts to learn to fight against "The Tigers", a rival faction!

I like Tasha because
  • She was a female ninja.
  • She was a blonde beauty.
  • She was hot and fit.
  • She was masked.
  • She wore black bodystocking.
  • Her gesture was interesting: In the selection menu, she was unmasked and looked like a usual lady. Once she was selected, she would tie her hair, wore a mask and black bodystocking. She showed how she was ready to fight (or to be killed).
  • She kept the moral of female ninja: In the ending of another ninja Hiryu, she was knocked out by Hiryu as his opponent and lied in his bosom. She said "Hiryu, Why didn't you kill me?".

Right. Being a female ninja, she should be ready to be killed anytime. As a clone of Mortal Kombat, Survival Arts is also bloody. You can DESTROY Tasha in various bloody ways:



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