Lone Wolf and Cub 子連れ狼

As we talked about two bloody video games, we should not ignore the classic bloody movie - Lone Wolf and Cub 子連れ狼 that have led to the creation of six movies starring Tomisaburo Wakayama 若山富三郎, four plays, television series and much more.

The story was about the Lone Wolf Ogami Ittō 拝一刀 taking care of his son Ogami Daigorō 拝大五郎 on a road of revenage against Yagyū Retsudō 柳生烈堂 who disgraced Ogami by false accusations and killed his whole family except his son and himself could escape. Along the road of revenage, Yagyu commanded a plenty of assassins including sumarais, ninjas, kunoichis, his sons and daughter to kill Ogami. Nevertheless, the assassins were all killed by Ogami. The death of assassins were excellent because of their bloody scenes that were the selling points of the movie series.

The screenshots were from the second episode of the movie. The episode was called Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx 子連れ狼 三途の川の乳母車. In this episode, Yagyu's daughter Sayaka 鞘香 led a group of lady ninjas to assassinate Ogami but all failed and only Sayaka could escape from death.

Watch out that Sayaka wore black bodystocking and finally escaped from her clothes. This showed the function and importance of bodystocking for a lady ninja. Don't forget to wear bodystocking if you wanna be a ninja.



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