Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye is the gang of three sisters who were highly skilled thieves. The famous Japanese Manga Cat's Eye talks about the three sisters.

There seems no relationship between a Female Ninja and Cat's Eye. They did not wear bodystocking, did not mask their faces and did not kill. Instead they wore aerobics spandex and high heels.

Cat's Eye is introduced here because behaviors of the three sisters look like those of female ninjas. They used some special equipment and high technology to achieve their goals. They were quick and agile so that no one can catch them or even have a look at their faces. Someone suggests they are the female version of Tom Cruise of Mission Impossible.

Don't mix up Catwoman and Cat's Eye. In view of appearance, Catwoman wore rubber-like or leather tights while Cat's Eye sisters wore silk-made spandex. Silky clothes are lighter and more comfortable. In view of content, Catwoman could be either evil or just to fight while Cat's Eye sisters just stole artworks, which were authored by their father. In my opinion, Catwoman is too spicy while Cat's Eye sisters look more pretty and lovely. I prefer Cat's Eye.



I agree with you about Cat's Eye. In my opinion, Kunoichi do not nescessarily need to look like the "stereotypical" ninja in order to be ninja. These days, few people believe that infiltration and espionage are particularly "ninja-like" qualities, yet history shows us that this is how the ninja earned their reputations as stealth assasins, not simply because they wore the same costume! Thank you for pointing this out, and also for introducing me to the Cat's Eye as I had not previously heard of this.

Also, I appreciate your comments on my blog, UK Kunoichi. I have now migrated this blog to Wordpress, though the original posts are still there! Hope to hear from you again soon!
Devero012 said…
Hey! it's me Chris =) sorry I took so long..I'm STILL working on it! btw keep on coming! LOVE the entries!
Hi the urban kunoichi,

Thanks a lot for your comment. I'd like to add your new blog in my LINKS list.

Why do you migrate your blog to Wordpress? What's the advantage of Wordpress over Blogger?
Aya Ayuvara said…

just wanted to notify you that I really like your blog. Keep up the good work. :)

By the way: I've seen you also stumbled over my website, maybe you'd like to contact me?
battlevampiress AT googlemail DOT com would be the adress.

I'd like to add a ling to this blog to my own blog.

And as to the advantage of WP over blogger: You have more control over the platform, especially if WP runs on a system you can more or less freely administer. You can add plugins (like for example to a web based gallery) as you want and expand functionality and design freely.

I use s9y (another "stand-alone" blog system) after having tried out this and wp.

But if you don't have high demands as to functionality and so, blogger sure does very well. :)
Hi Aya Ayuvara,

Thanks a lot for your fruitful information.
Hello again!

Personally I have found many advantages of Wordpress, especially regarding presentation and ease of use for my readers. My new site at is powered by Wordpress too.

In wordpress, I can post under different categories so that people can find articles more easily. Also I have complete control over the layout and presentation. Blogger is a really great platform for blogging, I just prefer using Wordpress instead!

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I forgot to say thanks for adding me to your blogroll!
Tlaloc said…
The girls of Cat's Eye are so sexy with that 80's aerobics instructor look. If you want to see Hitmomi actually being captured, and then sexually humilated, go here
Thanks for your sharing, but the web server cannot be connected. Is there any trick?
Tlaloc said…
Oops, sorry. It seems the webmaster is a bit "overprotecting" for his stuff. This is the main site:

But it might be a bit hard to find that particular story and art.
Thanks for your information. Yet I can't still access the provided link even I have passed through the main site.

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