Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja

As mentioned in the article Master, Ninja has been an icon of Japanese culture.

In opinion of many American people, Japanese culture is organizational rather than personal, closed rather than open, mysterious rather than scientific, sacrifice-oriented rather than survival-oriented. This opinion has not been only shown in Hollywood movies, but also in video games.

Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja is a well-known video game in 80s. In the game, the American hero who aimed to rescue the American president killed a plenty of ninjas, certainly including Female Ninjas or Kunoichi, along his road. See how Kunoichi was hit and died:

As you see in the picture, the kunoichi wore black bodystocking and red aerobics spandex. This style was common in 80s movies and intepreted as the dressing code of Kunoichi by Americans. Tasha in Survival Arts is another example.

Reference: Bad Dudes - Wikipedia


Tlaloc said…
lol, Bad Dudes. I like how Japan has made their videogames based upon those low budget "fighting" movies from the US, and actually make them even better by adding some japanese elements.
You will see the culture of ninja. A large group of pretty female ninja rush into the invader and sacrifice their lives to protect their lord.

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