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Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye is the gang of three sisters who were highly skilled thieves. The famous Japanese Manga Cat's Eye talks about the three sisters.

There seems no relationship between a Female Ninja and Cat's Eye. They did not wear bodystocking, did not mask their faces and did not kill. Instead they wore aerobics spandex and high heels.

Cat's Eye is introduced here because behaviors of the three sisters look like those of female ninjas. They used some special equipment and high technology to achieve their goals. They were quick and agile so that no one can catch them or even have a look at their faces. Someone suggests they are the female version of Tom Cruise of Mission Impossible.

Don't mix up Catwoman and Cat's Eye. In view of appearance, Catwoman wore rubber-like or leather tights while Cat's Eye sisters wore silk-made spandex. Silky clothes are lighter and more comfortable. In view of content, Catwoman could be either evil or just to fight while Cat's Eye sis…

Lone Wolf and Cub 子連れ狼

As we talked about two bloody video games, we should not ignore the classic bloody movie - Lone Wolf and Cub 子連れ狼 that have led to the creation of six movies starring Tomisaburo Wakayama 若山富三郎, four plays, television series and much more.

The story was about the Lone Wolf Ogami Ittō 拝一刀 taking care of his son Ogami Daigorō 拝大五郎 on a road of revenage against Yagyū Retsudō 柳生烈堂 who disgraced Ogami by false accusations and killed his whole family except his son and himself could escape. Along the road of revenage, Yagyu commanded a plenty of assassins including sumarais, ninjas, kunoichis, his sons and daughter to kill Ogami. Nevertheless, the assassins were all killed by Ogami. The death of assassins were excellent because of their bloody scenes that were the selling points of the movie series.

The screenshots were from the second episode of the movie. The episode was called Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx 子連れ狼 三途の川の乳母車. In this episode, Yagyu's daughter Sayaka 鞘香 led a…

Mortal Kombat

Now it's Kitana's time. I think you have been familar with her since Mortal Kombat II was released in 1993. Let's just review her profile:

Name: Princess KitanaAge: Over 10,000 yearsHeight: 5'9"Weight: 128 lbsResides: EdeniaDescription: Her beauty hides her true role as personal assassin for Shao Kahn, seen talking to an earth realm warrior. Her motives have come under suspicion by her twin sister Mileena, but only Kitana knows her own true intentions.
Through her years of working as an assassin, Kitana has learnt many secrets, especially about her own past. She finds that Millena is not her twin but a Grotesque clone created by Shang Tsung. She learns that her parents were former rulers of the Outworld overthrown by Shao Kahn.Ending: Determined to take back what is rightfully hers, she must defeat Kahn himself. She does so by entering the tournament. She retakes her parents' castle and restores the Outworld back into a Realm of Nobility.

Along newer and newer re…

Survival Arts

As mentioned in the article Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, American created their own image of Female Ninja. This image is shown again in an Arcade game - Survival Arts.

Survival Arts is known as an ugly clone of Mortal Kombat, which is in contrast an excellent fighting game. From character design to playing mode, it is very similar to or worse than Mortal Kombat. There is no reason except appreciating Tasha more to play this game.

The following is the offical information of the female ninja in the game:
Name: Tasha (ターシャ)Age: 20Height(inch)/Weight(pound): 69/137Bust/Waist/Hip(inch): 34/24/35Description: A member of the female ninja's "Cobra Faction". She enters the Survival Arts to learn to fight against "The Tigers", a rival faction!
I like Tasha because
She was a female ninja.She was a blonde beauty.She was hot and fit.She was masked.She wore black bodystocking.Her gesture was interesting: In the selection menu, she was unmasked and looked like a usual lady. Once she…

Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja

As mentioned in the article Master, Ninja has been an icon of Japanese culture.

In opinion of many American people, Japanese culture is organizational rather than personal, closed rather than open, mysterious rather than scientific, sacrifice-oriented rather than survival-oriented. This opinion has not been only shown in Hollywood movies, but also in video games.

Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja is a well-known video game in 80s. In the game, the American hero who aimed to rescue the American president killed a plenty of ninjas, certainly including Female Ninjas or Kunoichi, along his road. See how Kunoichi was hit and died:

As you see in the picture, the kunoichi wore black bodystocking and red aerobics spandex. This style was common in 80s movies and intepreted as the dressing code of Kunoichi by Americans. Tasha in Survival Arts is another example.

Reference: Bad Dudes - Wikipedia