See How They Lose

Do you still remember the Female Ninjas in Video Games that I showed last time? No? let me remind you: Go to here.

How will they when they were conquered by their enemies? Let's have a look:

When a female ninja loses, her situation will be very poor. Where are Kitana and Tasha? Their endings are more horrible. Their bodies were severely destroyed. So bloody!

In addition, there are some video games else with Female Ninjas. Let's see how they lose:

Fatal Fury 2 - Mai Shiranui

Ninja Master's Haou Ninpoucho - Kasumi

Battle Master Kyuukyoku no Senshitachi - Ranmaru

Tenchi Wo Kurau - Three Female Assassins


Devero012 said…
Hey,it's me Chris^^ Nice picture stills! I'll be emailin U too!=)
Devero012 said…
I REALLY want 2 add you to my blog..but how?
Would you show the URL of your blog, please?
Devero012 said…
is this wut ur talkin about?
Have you created your blog yet? If no, go to , sign up and create a new blog.

After you publish your first article, you will find your blog by clicking View Blog. Then the URL of your blog is shown in the Address Bar of your browser.
Anonymous said…
You can find other wrestle angels at
Devero012 said…
Hey,it's me Chris! I'm on it! I'll email you my new blog account!^^
Anonymous said…
Hey this is very nice- chromium77
Insect Royalty said…
Hello there.
We seem to share a passion!
You should join here:

Also, you should get pictures of Chun li being struck from 3rd strike. Lovely art!
Insect Royalty, Thanks. Your eGroup is great. I look for other male hero to fight against Chun Li instead. e.g. Honda bearhugs her, Ryu up-cut her, Soviet man upside down her, etc...
Tlaloc said…
Yeah nice group you have! Wow I never knew that Survival Arts was made in Japan. I had the idea that it was made by itself by American Sammy. Love how those kunoichi in videogames (and as well other fighting girls) look when defeated.

Since you even speak of Mortal Kombat, how about if you mention that game Eternal Champions. It was a game made by SEGA of the USA, which also tried to make fight against MK and Street Fighter, which featured Shadow Yamoto, a kunoichi who suffered plenty of grisly fates both in her story and as well in game play. She also later appeared on a game of her own in X-Perts for the Sega Genesis.

Also how about if you mention Ibuki from Street Fighter III, we want to see just how this kunoichi valley girl looses.
Insect Royalty said…
Ahh, so you like to see male's overcome the deadly female ninja? I could illustrate a comic for you some day.
I'm successfully establishing myself as an artist in this field. Here is my other group, though it deals less with Chun li:

Have you seen the art of Yuri Ai?

Street Fighter 3's Ibuki is nice, but I wish she wore less covering over her legs!
Chun li looks very good in that game, with lot's of attention to her movement when being struck.
I think you look for the video game of American Sammy:


Insect Royalty:
Thanks for your SmartGroup. For drawings of female ninja, I would like to recommend Mr. MET. His work about female ninja is excellent. Here is one of his works:
Tlaloc said…
Well insect royal, I do like to see how males overcome females, specially when these female think they are oh so powerful women that they can even match men; love how they get humiliated when they face reality lol. Yeah maybe it would be good if you ever do some story like that. Then again, I also like to see beautiful strong women who also overcome men, specially if these women are as beautiful as Erika Nagai!

Yeah I have seen the blog post for Survival Arts, by the way; there was this other western fighting game from the US called Mace: The Dark Age; where one of the characters is Koyasha a kunoichi, who if fails it is highly likely she will pay the ultimate price. Weird thing is that there is a samiurai called Takeshi, who thinks Koyasha is cute, when he should actually look down to her!
Yes, I heard that game. You can see the execution scenes of the game at
Insect Royalty said…
Mr. Met has made some lovely work!
Thank you for sharing this website with me.
I'd love to find more artwork like this from Japan, but I can't navigate Japanese writing.

Do you know of any other artwork like this? Perhaps some that features Chun li being defeated?
Insect Royalty said…
Tlalock, is a thrill to watch powerful women defeated, especially when they are arrogant and proud!
Power exchange is nice, especially when life is at stake!

I think someone should get vidcaps of Ibuki and Chun li being beaten from Street Fighter 3. you remember Chun li's loss portrait from the games on the Super Nintendo?
Insect Royalty said…
I've found this site...very interesting:

Ibuki is there too!
To: Insect Royalty

Thanks a lot for your sharing. Originally I love female ninja very much, but I don't quite like Ibuki. I love her mask but I hate her that she doesn't wear black bodystocking or stocking as Chun Li does.

I love Chun Li in Street Fighter II much more than other versions.
Anonymous said…
None of these pictures seem to be showing up for me.
Anonymous said…
>> None of these pictures seem to be showing up for me.

Hi man, have you read that stuff?

Photos in Zoto have been removed all.

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