Kunoichi Chronicles series

As mentioned in the article Movie History, Mr. Yamada created and defined the image of Female Ninjas. He is the master.

Kunoichi Chronicles くノ一忍法帖 is his famous work. Let us review this tremendous movie series:


くノ一忍法帖 II 聖少女の秘宝

くノ一忍法帖 III 秘戯伝説の怪

くノ一忍法帖 IV 忠臣蔵秘抄

くノ一忍法帖 V 自来也秘抄

くノ一忍法帖 VI 忍者月影抄

Although the movie series names as Female Ninja, Female Ninjas are never main characters. All of them were eventually killed by main characters instead. Let's see how they die:

The female ninja sacrifies herself to protect Christians from the Japanese government.

The female ninja sacrifies herself to make her boyfriend understand the justice.


Devero012 said…
hey~! it's me..I'm LOVING ur entries! keep'em coming!=)
Anonymous said…
Big picture of an actress of Kunoichi: http://hitomi.13net.ne.jp/j-hitomi/elist-1.html
Tlaloc said…
That is what all kunoichi deserve for protecting Christians.

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