Dark Heroine Muk Lanfa

A reader asked who was the masked girl. It leads this article to introduce that girl - Muk Lanfa.

Muk Lanfa was the main character of a fiction Dark Heroine Muk Lanfa 女黑俠木蘭花 authored by Ngai Hong 倪匡. This fiction was very popular in Hong Kong and was transformed to a TV program series by TVB Limited.

Muk Lanfa 木蘭花 and her sister Muk Showtsang 穆秀珍 came back from Japan after learning Ninjutsu. In daytime, they looked like innocent girls. But in nighttime, they wore black masks, black veils, black shirts, black skirts, black stockings, black gloves and black shoes to combat against bad guys in Gangs or Triads. They were used to cooperating with the police force. A policeman Ko Cheong 高翔 later became the boyfriend of Muk Lanfa.

Interestingly in the real world, the actor for Ko Cheong and the actress for Muk Lanfa have become a couple after the completion of the TV program series. Look, how attractive is the story!

Character Briefing (cut from a magazine)


fargone2000 said…
Hi, is the TV series available on VCD anywhere? I've been searching for years but can not find it :(
Now you can watch it again in TVB Classics Channel.

fargone2000 said…
Thanks! But I think this channel is only available in HK and only satellite channel! If you can access this channel, is it possible you can record the first 2 episodes and we can do a trade or something? I think the costume is only shown in first 2 episodes...
I am sorry that I haven't. I am looking anyway else to review this great TV drama.
fargone2000 said…
If you can get hold of a 1987 TVB series called starring 吕良伟 you can find 戚美珍 wearing a veil in one of the first few episodes. It's one of the best I've seen. I trust you also have seen 翁美玲 in 东邪西毒?
fargone2000 said…
Sorry the series is called 郑成功
Anonymous said…
Hi fargone2000, please can you let me know the titles and actress in English as I can't find the titles. Thank you very much
fargone2000 said…
I thought you are from HK which is why I copied the Chinese names. The series name is "Cheng Sing Gong" and stars Ray Lui and Jamie Chik. You can find the entry in IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0446207/

The series also stars a young Francis Ng before he switched to the big screen :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Fargone2000. I cannot find the title anywhere! Do you know where I can get a copy? By the way Dark Heroine Muk Lanfa is now on yes asia on vcd for just $3.99!


or search by dark heroine

If you come accross anymore tv series with black veil scenes, please can you post and I will do the same. Thanks again
fargone2000 said…
It has not been released on VCD. At least not in HK.. the title you mentioned is the old "Dark Heroine" movie made in the 60's and not the one which Kunoichi Terminator posted up. Fire Dragon is a good movie to pick up
Anonymous said…

is a chinese tv series with some nice kunoichi scenes where she is wearing a black veil
fargone said…
Check out Fire Dragon with Brigitte Lin
Thanks for your sharing. The veiled female assassin is great. You can find more at http://bladeak.blogspot.com/2006/03/chinese-master.html
fargone2000 said…
That series really does have a lot of kunoichi scenes in it - almost one in every episode!!

Anyway, here is a list of what I know apart from was already posted:

(A few kunoichi scenes in the 1s few episodes)

(1 small scene with Barbara Yung in transparent veil)

(1 small scene with Liza Wang in transparent veil)

(A few brief scenes with the female lead)

(A few good scenes with Chan Sau Man)

(There are a few scenes but the veil is not transparent)

(Also a few scenes but not transparent veil)

In addition, here is a souvenir booklet of the above TVB series:

Very pricery though!!
Hi fargone2000,

Thanks a lot for your sharing. YesAsia.com is a great online site for people around the world to purchase Japanese media.

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