Chinese Master

As mentioned in previous articles, Japanese Ninja films were so attractive that affected the worldwide. Not only the Western but also Chinese.

One of the Chinese director who was seriously affected by Japanese films was called Chang Cheh 張徹. His films were known as the art of blood and death. He utilized the Japanese fighting styles and technique to demonstrate traditional Chinese stories. His works also built up the fundamental style of Hong Kong fighting films in 70s and 80s.

Let us enjoy the Female Ninja (actually Female Assassin) in one of his great work - Shen Tong Shu Yu Xiao Ba Wang 神通術與小霸王 (1983):

Perhaps you wonder why the female assassin wore veil instead of a mask. This is known as Hong Kong style. Why veil? I guess:

1. Practically speaking, it is easy to breathe to wear veil rather than a mask.
2. Visually speaking, it looks more sexy. Don't forget that they are just women.
3. Geographically speaking, the location was China in which silk was invented and largely manufactured.

In addition to this great work, other Hong Kong films follow this style. Let us have a look:


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Anonymous said…
It is very interesting to see your image posting on this article. Now I am very interested to explore some Hong Kong films. Do you have any recommendations which movies?
There are many HK action movies. I don't know how to start it. Perhaps you can browse this link first:

By the way, you can see how female ninja were killed in a HK TV drama:

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