Nine Word Spelling

In a movie, when a ninja faces challenge or release powerful magic, he/she will spell. The spelling is known as Nine Word Spelling 九字護身法. The nine words are:

WordJapanese PronounciationHand Spelling

The spelling is usually bundled with a series of gesture. Ninjas spell and do the gesture together. There are two kinds of gesture.

1: Show your index finger and middle finger and move your hand as the arrows in the above diagram

2: Follow each diagram in the above one by one

The spelling originally derives from a bible of Taoism 道家 called 抱朴子. The original sentence is "臨兵鬥者,皆陣列前行,常當視之,無所不僻。". And the second gesture is a series of hand spellings of Esoteric Sect Buddhism 密宗佛教.

Can the spelling really work? Scientifically speaking, it can perhaps scare your enemies and make yourself feel stable.

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Stefano said…
I love your blog!
I read your article about Kunoichi's spell... it's very interesting!!!
Do you practice ninjutsu?

Anyway, my name is Stefano, nice to meet you!
Hi Stefano,

Have you recently talked about ninjas? Welcome to read my blogs. Please come this blog more frequently and share your opinions.
LAT-01 said…
I wish I found this out web earlier!
If anybody wants to know how to make a paper shuriken (or ninja star i should say), here's the site(since your all into ninja)
My name is Justin, hope you find the web intersting and how to make it quite easy!
Hi Justin,

Thanks a lot for your sharing. Let's create a plenty of shuriken to cut kunoichi's bodystocking together. haha~

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