As mentioned in the article Movie Hunting, the demand of ninja movies in US was large. In order to produce a qualified ninja movie, the Hollywood would recruit "real" ninjas to play roles in the movies. One of famous actors is called Kosugi Shoichi 小杉正一.

Mr. Kosugi can be called as the master of ninja because he has played various roles of ninjas in the Hollywood. A website called SHO KOSUGI: THE NINJA (url: introduces him and his works.

Let us review Female Ninjas in his movies:

Revenge of the Ninja -

Blondy Kunoichi?

9 Deaths of the Ninja -

Female Assassin was assassinated from her back.

Ninja III: The Domination -

One of hit ninja movies!


Devero012 said…
I LOVE ALL the movies!^^
I would like to suggest that you share your opinions here after you watch them all.

If you have some photos, please don't hesistate to share them too.
Tlaloc said…
Sadly, I think that the only blonde kunoichi that would work, would be those from anime. Unless we could get some from like nordic nations, and train them well.
Right or dying their hair to be blonde.

In addition, ninja magic can be so attractive that many blonde ladies wanna learn. They will become Kunoichi and be controlled by their master behind...
Anonymous said…
Cathy Hunter was a great spy in Revenge of the Ninja. Well, she was something of an 'unwitting spy', so to call her character a villains wouldn't be fair. Afterall, she did have a thing for her karate teacher Cho and she adored his son Kane (even after she tried beating him up after being hypnotized by Braden).

As far as kunoichi go though, some people think that her character was really an 'Oidan' for Braden's character...and Braden wouldn't allow anybody else to touch Cathy but himself. Can't say I blame him though...


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