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Nine Word Spelling

In a movie, when a ninja faces challenge or release powerful magic, he/she will spell. The spelling is known as Nine Word Spelling 九字護身法. The nine words are:

WordJapanese PronounciationHand Spelling臨Rin普賢三昧耶印兵Byou大金剛輪印闘Tou外獅子印者Sha内獅子印皆Kai外縛印陣Jin内縛印列Netsu智拳印在Zai日輪印前Zen隠形印
The spelling is usually bundled with a series of gesture. Ninjas spell and do the gesture together. There are two kinds of gesture.

1: Show your index finger and middle finger and move your hand as the arrows in the above diagram

2: Follow each diagram in the above one by one

The spelling originally derives from a bible of Taoism 道家 called 抱朴子. The original sentence is "臨兵鬥者,皆陣列前行,常當視之,無所不僻。". And the second gesture is a series of hand spellings of Esoteric Sect Buddhism 密宗佛教.

Can the spelling really work? Scientifically speaking, it can perhaps scare your enemies and make yourself feel stable.

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As mentioned in the article Movie Hunting, the demand of ninja movies in US was large. In order to produce a qualified ninja movie, the Hollywood would recruit "real" ninjas to play roles in the movies. One of famous actors is called Kosugi Shoichi 小杉正一.

Mr. Kosugi can be called as the master of ninja because he has played various roles of ninjas in the Hollywood. A website called SHO KOSUGI: THE NINJA (url: introduces him and his works.

Let us review Female Ninjas in his movies:

Revenge of the Ninja -

Blondy Kunoichi?

9 Deaths of the Ninja -

Female Assassin was assassinated from her back.

Ninja III: The Domination -

One of hit ninja movies!

Movie History

It is believed that the decomposition of the word Female 女 into the word Kunoichi くノ一 was created by the famous Japanese author Yamada Fuutarou 山田風太郎, who had authored numerous fictions about Ninjas. Know more about him at 山田風太郎 in Japanese Wikipedia

One of his famous fiction series is Lady Ninja Chronicles くノ一忍法帖. This series consists of six fictions:


くノ一忍法帖 II 聖少女の秘宝

くノ一忍法帖 III 秘戯伝説の怪

くノ一忍法帖 IV 忠臣蔵秘抄

くノ一忍法帖 V 自来也秘抄

くノ一忍法帖 VI 忍者月影抄

The key of the fictions are not only the creation of new name for Female Ninjas but also the creation of weapons of Female Ninjas. They have been put to the screen in 90s. See the detail at

The popularity of Lady Ninja Chronicles stirred up the trend of Female Ninjas in the Adult Video field. The first trend was the series of Bondage Chronicles by CineMagic:

Bondage Chronicles

Bondage Chronicles II

Bondage Chronicles III

Because of the success of Cinemagic, other producers followed doing so. In the late 90s, there were vario…

Movie Hunting

Ninja is an icon of Japanese culture because it represents the Oriental Mysticism. People outside Japan are likely amazed by legends of the Ninja. No wonder that the amount of ninja movies in Hong Kong and Hollywood is so large. Here are some websites of Ninja Movie List:

Ninja Movie List:
The Ninja Dojo - Ninja Movies:

Let me continue the topic Hunt. A ninja movie called The Hunted was released in 1995. The movie looked quite bloody. You can read its detail review at

Certainly don't miss out our main character - Female Ninja!

Black and White

When is the first time that a woman wears bodystocking in screen? I don't know but I'm sure that some have worn bodystocking since Black and White TV era.

Look at her stocking. It is so tight and shiny. The investment didn't seem small and the production looked quite serious. Do you know the name of the TV program? Please tell us.

The Wild Ninja 終極忍者

This movie was the work of cooperation amongst PRC, HK and Japan. Unfortunately, it does not seem amazing. Its creativity is below average.

Movie Poster

Green Kunoichi

Red Female Ninja

Movie Gallery:

Red Shadow: 赤影

This movie was released in 2001. Unlike classical ninja movies, this movie contains some elements of comedy, love and modern weapons. Therefore it is an interesting movie.

One of Kunoichi in the movie is called Asuka 飛鳥. In such cross-over style movie, she wears in cross-over style: Jacket, Skirt and Body-stocking. Unfortunately she sacrificed herself for saving her lover Akakage.

Here is the URL at IMDB about the movie: