It is not used to relating Female Ninjas with Elections. The former is likely traditional and full of force while the latter is likely modern and full of wisdom. However Japanese election campagin showed you another story.

Prime Minister Koizumi assigned some female candidates to defeat former government members of parliament, who had opposed his project of Privatization of Post Office, in 911 Election in 2005. Since the female candidates aimed at defeating the rebel members as if female ninjas assassinated enemies in classical Japan, they were named as Female Assassin or Kunoichi by Japanese media.

The result showed the tactic succeeded. Yuriko Koike 小池百合子 is one of outstanding Kunoichi.

Her website: http://www.yuriko.or.jp/


Devero012 said…
Did she have any training in martial arts?
You'd better ask her boss - Prime Minister Koizumi 小泉純一郎!
Tlaloc said…
Some day, I might rule Mexico and turn it into a super power.
Ruling Mexico by an army of kunoichi?
Tlaloc said…
Perhaps. Basically I need to rescue Mexico's cultural identity and make it evolve, just as Japan has been doing with theirs.

And it is not going to be easy, there are lots of complots here so yeah ninja and kunoichi might be helpful, but I believe I need to develop my ki so I can do things myself. Another problem is that the US might not like that, and that there is some treaty somewhere that prevents Mexico from making its own technology; I need to destroy that treaty.
I really appreciate that you are patriotic. So you should read this story: The Last Gate at http://bladeak.blogspot.com/2006/07/fiction.html

The story talked about three female ninja in the movement of Peru Democracy.

Since the story was written in Chinese, you can use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation http://world.altavista.com/ to read it.

Fight for protecting your nation and your culture!
Tlaloc said…
Thanks for your support words kunoichi terminator! Though I want to help my nation which is in a critical state of disgrace; I don't want to be the kind of biggot that believes that their country should only be the best, and consider other nations and cultures inferior.

But first I have to save Mexico, and then I would like to help the world somehow but under no conditions like "you have to worship Mexico," or things like that.

Problem is that honest politicians are not bulletproof. Read the story of Luis Donaldo Colosio here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luis_Donaldo_Colosio

That is why I need to train in order to become powerful and take care of myself; and so when I actually rule Mexico I would not be one of those money feeding politicians who just sit in their asses all day, I would actually go out there to the streets where trouble is and fight it. But really to do all that, I would need some saiyan like KI level, kunoichi are fast but vulnerable; so again I do need to become strong in order to survive and do what I believe should be right. It would be easier if every single one here would stood up, but sadly most people here are lazy nacos who would never do something for anyone else. I would also teach people that dispite I would be powerful, that they should not depend on me always and they should do whatever it is possible to contribute.

Besides I don't want the money, what I want I will never get it with money. Oh yeah, for more information on nacos, check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naco_%28slang%29


That was a test to see if the [url] things work.

Oh and where do you get these stories in traditional chinese? I am surprised none of them are in japanese, and sadly the translator does not make much sense when reading them. But OK, I will give a try to this story
A small nation is like a lady. If a small nation wanna have some say against big nations such as US, it should be well-equipped, as if a lady wanna have some say against big men.

How well equipped? Kunoichi has some hints:
1. Power
2. Quick Moving
3. Attractive

Learn Kunoichi how to strengthen yourself, how to strenghen your nation. Protect your people and your culture.
Tlaloc said…
Thanks, but I am not a woman, nor is my nation.

I really need how to develop my ki, and as well things for science and such. But let's face it, Mexico does not have any chance. Guess what we could do is to commit honorable seppuku (sorry if I wrote that wrong), by self destructing Mexico as if it can't be saved; then none should have Mexico, specially the US of A.
Don't feel discouraged. Cheers up!

I ask you to learn Kunoichi because of your similarity.
Kunoichi is
1. Small
2. Weak
3. Less skillful (compared to Samurai)

You should learn how a weak Kunoichi defeats a strong Samurai.

Around 30 years ago, Japan is the superpower in Far East Asia while China is a very weak old nation. This situation was similar to the one between US and Mexico. However, China performed revolution and develops its strength. Nowaway China becomes a comparable power in Far East Asia. Like Kunoichi, China is a peaceful power (powerful, quick moving, kind and attractive).

Seppuku is for Samurai only. Ninja is NOT allowed to commit suicide. The fate of a ninja is to success or to be killed by failure.

So you should learn from Kunoichi:
1. Use the weak to defeat the strong 2. Set firm resolve and Go ahead!

God bless brave men.
Tlaloc said…
Thank you, but truth is we are not that lacking in resources, problem is that none wants to use them or knows how to. I don't think all of the kunoichi style would work; I think we need a proper style from here; like bringing back to life our ancient prehispanic gods. Build a portal to travel somewhere else, or a time machine to prevent for Europe to conquer America.
Good idea. Let's use Time Machine to send our Kunoichi Army to the past to prevent European invasion.
Tlaloc said…
There is also the following, according to the mayan calendar and prophecies; on December 21 of 2012 something will happen. Maybe it will be the chance in which Mexico will finally defeat the US taking back all what was ours. But still there is nothing sure.
Tlaloc said…
I could also use to the time machine to travel back in time and see how kunoichi were actually tortured...

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