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My article Movie History introduced a great Kunoichi video called Lady Ninja Story くノ一忍法伝 封印の掟 ~女淫愛残抄~. By this chance, a lifecycle of a female ninja can be demonstrated by the fate of a Kunoichi in the story.

Step 1: The Kunoichi accepted a mission and put bodystocking on.
Step 2: She performed sneak attack at night.
Step 3: Her weapon was removed by the enemy.
Step 4: She was tortured by the enemy in fatal methods.
Step 5: Her dead body was abandoned on a street.

Swift Hero Lion Maru

Swift Hero Lion Maru 快傑ライオン丸 was a popular TV series in 70s. Similar to other Japanese TV series, the just hero needed to face the attack of bad Kunoichi and to terminate them all.

In Episode 44, four female ninja were sent to kill Jonosuke.

In Episode 48, the daughter of Mafiran tried to kill Shishimaru and got in a fight with Kazumi.

What's usually the end of defeated bad female ninja? Being finished without any hesitation. The Kunoichi in Azumi II is an example:

(provided by YouTube user yaoming2046)

Reference: Kaiketsu Lion Maru

Tai Chi vs Ninjitsu

Tai Chi 太極 is a kind of Chinese martial arts. Unlike Shaolin 少林, it is well known with its snail-slow and soft movement. This is because it aims at activating one's Metabolism to improve his health. However, if he does Tai Chi quickly, Tai Chi can be very powerful.

(How a female ninja was unveiled and defeated by a Tai Chi Master)
The Kunoichi lost but could survive. The Tai Chi master showed us that martial arts should be anti-violent rather than bloody.

Fiction: 死亡大搜查線 II - 轟轟烈烈

For those who cannot read Traditional Chinese, please kindly use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation. It is a story about three students who became female assassins after one failed in a public exam.

這一個晚上, 我又要徹夜不眠. 對著案頭的文件堆積如山, 對著文件內的謀殺案, 都是摸不著頭腦. 自從上次的爆炸案, 我每天都穿著黑色連身絲襪褲, 好像穿了便覺得特別有自信. 這個時候, 我慢慢撫摸套著絲襪的身體, 然後慢慢進入陌生的國度.

考試失敗, 便等於人生失敗. 沒有學歷, 沒有家底, 以後努力也沒補於是, 這是社會的悲歌. 長痛不如短痛, 我決定臨死前要轟轟烈烈, 刺殺一個黑幫老大, 為民除害.

這一天, 我放蹤了自己. 我放下我的長長的秀髮, 打了很深的眼影, 口紅也塗得鮮艷. 我穿了一件黑色薄身的連身魚網絲襪褲, 把手指腳指也套著, 很野性. 上身穿著一件白色的t-shirt, 下身則是一件迷你牛仔裙, 再加上一對白色球鞋, 很可愛. 我這樣又野性, 又可愛的樣子, 就算黑幫老大也難逃小女子的五指山吧, 嘿嘿......

當晚我在他常流連的酒吧到候, 在吧枱前兩腿相叉坐著. 果然, 他一進入酒吧, 便被我的美色吸引著, 走過來與我聊天. 他真是一個好色之徒, 請我喝了幾杯酒, 便對我摸手摸腳.

"你那對絲襪真是很滑" 他開始摸我的大腿, 然後往小腿方向摸下去. 我想, 這正時好時機, 只要當他摸著我的腳眼, 我便可從後偷襲了.

我要用一支鋼針往他的後腦插下去的時候, 他突然舉手來握著我的手腕, 然後用力把我的手腕擲在吧枱上. 我因為疼痛而丟了那支利器. 不過我沒有放棄, 試圖向他揮拳攻擊, 但是忽然四肢無力, 身體自自然然地依偎在他的身上.

"似乎藥力發揮作用吧." 他一手摟著我的纖腰, 一手摸著我的大腿, 他的嘴巴在我的耳邊溫柔地吻. 我不但四肢無力, 而且體內熱血沸騰, 呼吸喘噓噓. 被他一吻, 加上他在我的絲襪上游走, 我更不能自控. 本來穿絲襪是為了引大魚上釣, 現在竟然…

Shadow Hunters: Echo of Destiny

This movie, known as full of Blood, Sex and Violence, was released in 1972. The main characters would kill various Kunoichi along their way. You can see how Female Ninja performed assassination and how they failed.

(Female Ninja Army failed in Hotspring Assassination)

(Kunoichi was cut in a river)
Reference: Movie Review: Shadow Hunters: Echo of DestinyJapanese Movie Database: 影狩り ほえろ大砲

Face Recognition

A Kunoichi wears mask or veil so that no one can recognize her and she can do secret in public area. However, what if a female ninja's face is uncovered?

(See her full picture here)
There is a service called MyHeritage Face Recognition. By powerful algorithm and database, a Kunoichi's face can be recognized by a computer and people who look like her can be found. Those people alike are perhaps her family.

Please don't kill my family... Wait! A female ninja has no family, right?

Have more fun at My Heritage.


What if an Assassin becomes a Fugitive? What if a Kunoichi changes from attacking to escaping? What is the fate of a Female Ninja?

TV-Tokyo has released the TV drama called Oganemono O Rin 逃亡者 おりん since last Friday. Let's trace it.

Reference: Wikipedia of Oganemono O RinOfficial Website of Oganemono O RinHomepage of TV Tokyo


Every employer seeks an absolutely loyal employee; every lord seeks a perfect Kunoichi. However, the reality is far away from this dream. An alternative way is to manufacture robots.

Japan is the top nation at manufacturing robots. According to UN/ECE issues its 2000 World Robotics survey, 402,200 robots out of worldwide 742,500 were working out in Japan's industry. The number was more than half of the total. The aging population and the competition of China are reasons of its rapid development of robots. Perhaps another reason is their lord culture of slaving ninja.

(from Kujo Jotaro's Movie Blog)
This HK film released in 1991 is called Robotrix 女機械人. It was the story about how female robots fought against a mad scientist. The female robots in the film were beautiful, attractive and sexy, while they were also powerful, skillful and smart. They would be absolutely loyal to their lord as well. One of them sacrificed her life when fighting with the boss, even though she was fixed w…

Failed Assassination

As some requested to view video clips of Failed Assassination, there are some examples to show how female assassins were killed when they failed.

Tin Long Kyuek

New Shooting Star Butterfly Sword

Shen Tong Shu Yu Xiao Ba Wang

Mission Failed

Missions of ninja are usually extremely dangereous, especially assassination. If a job was easy, Samurai would do it rather leave it to ninja.

A Kunoichi, nine dead and one alive out of ten, should have known her own fate. The failure of a mission only results in horrible death.

These four female assassins were killed by enemies because of their failure.

Ninja Mission

This is an educational video that introduces the process of a ninja assassination, including its dressing, weapon, investigation and action. Let us see how a female ninja commits her mission.

Kunoichi vs Lemon Tea Hero

This is another TV advertisement. This advertisement was made in Hong Kong.

A female ninja used lemon pieces to challenge a waiter but failed because she had too many lemon pieces that no one would drink hers.

What is the ending of the lost Kunoichi? Torture her? Rape her? Kill her? or Drench her into a glass of lemon tea? up to you.


Mitokomon 水戸黄門 is a well-known story in Japan. It talks about how the lord of Mito province, Tokugawa Mitsukuni 徳川光圀 cracked down the criminal. There have been 35 normal series of the TV drama since 1969. A violent struggle typically ensues near the end of each show, at which point one of his attendants flashes Komon's inro, a lacquered case bearing the Tokugawa crest, thus revealing his true identity and proclaiming: "Koko ni owasu o-kata koso, mae no fuku-shogun Mito Mitsukuni-kou ni araserareruzo." (Here in front of you is Lord Mitsukuni of Mito, the Shogun's uncle.) Although the story repeats over decades, it is still popular and the 36th series of this drama has started since July 24, 2006.

To crack down the criminal, he needed some partners. A beautiful, skillful and loyal female ninja was essential. His main Kunoichi partner was called Hayate no Oen 疾風のお娟. Let us see how she (Her name was Kagero Ogin かげろうお銀 in this series) led her female ninja army in the Speci…


Have you ever heard that torture of a female ninja could be a funny advertisement?

Yes, it is true. A Japanese company QLEP promotes itself by a series of TV advertisements in which a Kunoichi was tortured. Yet it is not horrible or bloody either. You'll laugh when you watch them.


Fiction: 死亡大搜查線

For those who cannot read Traditional Chinese, please kindly use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation.











Ninja Chicks Rock Club

I just join a club called Ninja Chicks Club!.

Because of joinning this club, I register as a member and create my page at KT Edison. Have a look.

In addition, I'd like to recommend another group called Masked Kunoichi Fans Group in Yahoo! Japan.

Masked Girl Gallery

Thank Kevin for sharing some female ninja in his website. You can review them here.

Here is another website to introduce some female ninja. Click here.

Shadow Army

Kage No Gundan 影の軍団 is a very famous classic Japanese TV series. It talks about various generations of Ninja Army leader Hatori Hanzo 服部半蔵. There were also some Kunoichi in each army. They were beautiful but eventually sacrificed their lives for their mission.

Thank JMaruyama for having a detailed English article about this great work. You can read it at

Let's see how a female ninja was sacrificed in a mission:

(Kage No Gundan IV, Episode 27)

You can also visit the following sites to know more about this Shadow Army:
行け!影の軍団!ショッカー婦人部 - 秘密の小特集 - 影の軍団Ⅲ

YouTube at glance

Some video clips about killing female ninjas or assassins are uploaded to Youtube. Let's enjoy them at YouTube.

Fiction: 最後的關口

For those who cannot read Traditional Chinese, please kindly use an online translation tool, e.g. Babel Fish Translation.

Part I










Flowery Kunoichi Team

As mentioned in Traveller Yami, Hat and Book, it is a tragedy when female ninjas are controlled by a devil. Even though they are pretty, skillful and loyal, because of loyalty to the devil, they will be terribly eliminated by the just force. Flowery Kunoichi Team 花のくノ一組 is another group of female ninjas loyal to the devil.

They were shown in a Japanese Super Hero TV series called Ninja Sentai Kakuranger 忍者戦隊カクレンジャー. This group consisted of five members, who were Lily ユリ, Water Lotus スイレン, Sweet Flag アヤメ, Cherry Blossom サクラ and Orchid ラン. They were actually created from five cats by the devil. They were described as cruel, skilled female ninjas armed with Ninja Magic, and were capable of disguise.

Serving the devil certainly results in punishment. They were not exceptions. Eventually they were defeated by the just force Ninja Sentai Kakuranger and returned to be cats again.

Reference: Wikipedia - Ninja Sentai KakurangerWikipedia - 忍者戦隊カクレンジャーComparison between Japanese version and Americ…

Sport Campaign

Japan is a nation that emphasizes the professional very much. Every career has its professional standard and masters of whatever career is well expected in the nation. Examination is a mean of auditing one's profession. Even if you want to be a female ninja, please pass the exam.

It isn't a joke. There are two well known examinations of being a female ninja. Both test the physical capability of candidates. Although the candidates are female, the tests are so cruel and difficult that many men cannot handle.

One is called Miss Kunoichi Audition ミスくの一オーデション organized by Koga No Sato Ninjutsu Village 甲賀の里忍術村. The 22nd game application has just ended. For detail, please contact Koga No Sato Ninjutsu Village Miss Kunoichi Audition Office 甲賀の里忍術村ミスくの一オーディション事務局 at

Address: 520-3405 滋賀県甲賀市甲賀町隠岐394
Telephone: 0748-88-5000
Fax: 0748-88-2108

Another is called SASUKE New Year Strongest Woman No.1 Kunoichi Campaign SASUKE謹賀…

Kunoichi Media Services

What if a kunoichi can make money? Yes it is true. I just by chance found a company called Kunoichi Media Service. This company aims at providing solutions for Corporate Branding and Creative Services.

However, I think this company looks as mysterious as a female ninja. It just tells you her email addresses and general phone number but no mailing/business address.

Lovely Kunoichi, where are you? Here I am, here I am, I miss you...

Find her out at

Destiny of Kunoichi

As shown before, the destiny of Kunoichi is most likly miserable. A Manga called Kunoichi Ranfucho くノ一乱風帖 showed how five female ninjas lived in a cruel world and were killed in a cruel way.

Kunoichi Ranfucho くノ一乱風帖: Five female ninjas sacrificed their lives to commit their mission.

As saying goes, Knowledge can change Destiny. If you really love a female ninja, please save her by your expertise. We can let her live in a happy world as another Manga called Secret Female Ninja 密警女忍者 described.

Secret Female Ninja 密警女忍者: A loyal female ninja protects her lord in the ancient Japan and the modern world. The lord returns protecting her as well.

Reference: Amazon Japan - くノ一乱風帖Books Taiwan - 密警女忍者

One on One Duelling

The scene of Cowboy Duelling in American movies is known as a clone of Samurai Duelling in movies of Akira Kurozawa 黒澤明, especially in Seven Samurai 七人の侍. Actually such exciting duelling screenshots were common in Japanese movies in the middle of the last century. This kind of duelling is fair, exciting and peaceful, unlike Western boxing or Chinese Kungfu. This shows the spirit of Samurai.

On the other hand, what if the counterpart is a female ninja? She must die because she is not a samurai. Ninjas are only suitable for dark tasks such as assassination. Let's review how Kunoichi ladies were killed.

In a forum, someone asked

why ever the destiny of kunoichi is dead by a man is some tradition japanese?

And the response was

You won't feel weired if you understand the characteristics of a female ninja.

Samurais in the ancient Japan were those like Knights in the Middle Age of Europe. They collected honor by fighting in battles for their lords. They emphasized direct and fair battle …

Traveller Yami, Hat and Book

As described in previous articles, a female ninja is pretty, skillful and loyal. She is an excellent slave. But it is a nightmare if she is controlled by the devil. This is because her ultimate power is a disaster to victims and she will be eventually destroyed in a cruel way by the Just.

As well as in Lone Wolf and Cub, the tragedy mentioned in the above happens in a Japanese Anime called Traveller Yami, Hat and Book ヤミと帽子と本の旅人 Episode 8 and 9.

The story began in a peaceful village.

There were some Samurais to protect the Princess of Bamboo Forest.

The lovely village lady was actually a female ninja. She led her Kunoichi group to commit the order of the devil.

He commanded the female ninjas to kidnap the Princess. They secretly entered the Palace and assassinated the Samurais.

The schoolgirl of Just came out and cleaned the Kunoichi group by her sword.

The female ninja who had originally been a lovely lady was eventually cut apart. She was lovely but this result was what she should earn.


Kunoichi Ownership

A female ninja is known as pretty, skillful and loyal. They are the ideal criteria of women or wives in men's mind. Every man may dream of such lady accompanied with him everyday but this dream is not easy. Appearance, Capability and Loyalty are called Impossible Trinity, i.e. we can just own two of them at most.

We can't own a real ideal lady, why not just own a figure that makes you dream of her? A figure shop in Japan releases a series of Kunoichi. The dolls look lovely and parts including clothes and weapons are fine. They will be your best collections.

Kunoichi Series No.001 (Black, Red, Purple)

Kunoichi Series No.002 (Green, Red, Blue)

Get them back home to secure your safety

Company: Mama Chapp Toy Company Limited有限会社ママチャップAddress: 201 Union Build, Higashi-Ikebukuro 3-5-7, Toshima City, Tokyo, Japan東京都豊島区東池袋3-5-7ユニオンビル201Office Hour: 1:00pm - 8:00pmPhone: +81 (03) 3590-1303Website

Kunoichi in Bakumatsu

Bakumatsu 幕末, the period of the Late Tokugawa Shogunate followed by Modernized Meiji Era, stimulates various imagination in Japan. This is because it was a romantic period. The conflict between the reform party and the conservative was very severe. They donated their youth, blood and love to the ideal they held. Tenchu 天誅, the plan of assassination against politicians, is a symbol of that period.

Photo posted in Late Tokugawa Shogunate - Wikipedia
Bakumatsu was a boundary between the feudal world and the modern world. It is an interesting topic to examine how the people thought during that period. Female Ninjas, the tools used in the feudal, were thought of being impacted most. Modern women are open, independent, intelligent, free, fairly treated regardless of gender, while Female Ninjas were closed, loyal, slaved, treated without humanity. It has been described in the first article of this blog.

Bakumatsu was therefore the stage where Female Ninjas ceased. They were poor and it was a tr…

Super Ninja Generator

Authoring a fiction is a long process. It spends your brain and your time up. It'a also painful to create some characters in mind. Won't it be wonderful that my ninja magic can create them automatically? Yes and now you can.

Super Ninja Generator in Seventh Sactum is a great tool for such creation. It can generate a description of super ninjas (as well as female ninjas). Here's one of my choice:

This joyful kunoichi is tall and has an amazonian build. Her droopy eyes are blue. She has straight, blue hair worn in a style that resembles a wave of water. She uses an ancient form of martial arts that emphasizes elbow jabs. Her preferred weapons are knives. She is skilled in sign language and sports. She can summon and take on the traits of ancestral spirits.

Isn't it awesome?

Ninja Chicks

Skin tight black costumes. Sharp knives. Nothing is more sexy than a beautiful assassin on the hunt.

This is the openning sentence of Ninja Chicks, a webpage authored by Kevin A. Geiselman. The webpage has introduced many Kunoichi characters in various Anime. Let us review some of them:

Kagero (Ninja Scroll) -
Tough and sexy, all in one tight package. Look, but don't touch. Her duties an official food taster has made her not only immune to poisons but has also made her quite poisonous.

Sakura (Ninja Cadets) -
Perky is probably the last word you would think to use in describing a ninja.

Misao Makimachi (Rurouni Kenshin) -
Also known as The Weasel Girl, this 16 year old Ninja is the self proclaimed leader of the Oniwabanshu.

Jiyu Nanohana (Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl) -
A pretty 15-year old girl possessed by the spirit of Japan's greatest swordmaster, Jubei Yagyu . . . what's not to like? "Plump, bouncy, bon-bons."

Anna Feeple (Ninja High School)

Miko Mido (La Blue Girl) -