Kunoichi in TV

They are screenshots of some Asia TV programs and movies. Some wears veil but some doesn't. But all of them have worn black bodystocking. What's the point? Dressing Code! as if office ladies wear black stocking at office.

They are ready to wait, ready to fight, ready to die! Are you ready?


Benny said…
You got an awesome going on. I am really impressed with all the postings. I have been looking around about ninja, and definitely interested in female ninja. There is just something about them. Do you mind share some movies or TV shows titles that you have posted on your blog? Thanks.
Benny said…
I have almost finished reading all your posts. Your blog actually has already good recommendations about Kunoichi on TV. Forget about what I asked earlier. You are the best! Watch out all the kunoichi out there!
Hi Benny,

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Please feel free to express your opinion or knowledge or something else about female ninja here. Have fun.

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