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Blade Against Kunoichi is the blog that is about Kunoichi or Female Ninjas. Blade is a tool to cut them off. Blade is the feeling of sharpness, quickness and terror.

Combating Female Ninjas is a symbol of eliminating the bad characters of the traditional society, which are represented by features of Female Ninjas. The description is shown as the below.

  • Female - Poor and Beautiful. Either the poor or the beauty is a crime, isn't it?
  • Loyalty - Devoting to the organization without clarifying the right or the wrong. Not only foolish, but also devil.
  • Black - Devil and Mysticism. Nothing is open to the public. All are covered and controlled by the small group of interest.
  • Veil - Lack of freedom of speech. No critical thinking. No objection.
  • Stocking - Tight and completely covering. The society is seriously stressful, strictly controlled, completely monitored.

    What is it? Yes, Totalitarianism. No doubt that you should act now. Combat Female Ninjas! Hunt them! Cut them! Finish them!

    Wish you enjoy any material of this blog.

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    Anonymous said…
    You are crazy AND fucked up. Congratulations!

    PS: Kill yourself.
    Are you a female ninja?
    Freeze! Let me divide you into pieces!
    Devero012 said…
    He,it's me Chris!^^ How U doin'? I'll be emailing you=)
    Similar to you, I am looking for female ninjas around me.
    Tlaloc said…
    I will gladly join your cause! Kunoichi deserve to be punished for their sins!!!!
    If you wanna do so, visit my blog more.
    Tlaloc said…
    Please pray for me to get better in mental health so I can help against kunoichi!
    Tlaloc, please keep healthy and become stronger. Let us terminate Kunoichi together!
    Saori said…
    Hi! Im colombian, and im starting to train to become a kunoichi, i found your blog pretty interesting. See ya
    Hi Saori,

    Great to meet you. I wish you will be a successful Kunoichi.

    Have you prepared your own black bodystocking yet?
    Tess said…
    あなた のブログ は本当 に面白い. ぼくは日本語 の生徒, そして, キミ
    の ブログ は いい事.

    My japanese is shite, though.

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