Why does a female ninja devote her life?

A female ninja stands naked in front of her master. Her master puts black pantyhose and veil on her body.

The female ninja in black pantyhose and veil knees down before her master. She carefully listens to the mission order.

The female ninja is defeated by an enemy. She freezes. The enemy kills her without hesitation. She receives her destiny and her body in black pantyhose becomes someone's toy again.

Long time ago

Do you still remember?

Review: Corporate Spy Strangled

Commercial Spy is a side product of capitalism. When money is here, a girl wearing black pantyhose turns herself to be a corporate spy. She will risk her life for all about money.

Darcy is another female spy in black pantyhose. She is rifling through a cabinet area searching for important documents. Too focused, she does not notice the killer sneaking behind her. He suddenly grabs her, wrapping her in a tight bear hug from behind. He enjoys the feel of her soft blouse against her skin, feeling her sexy body before his hands start moving up to her breasts. She cries helplessly as he starts groping her breasts through the blouse, and can only watch as he unbuttons her top exposing a sexy bra. He enjoys fondling and squeezing her breasts through her bra with one hand, and with the other lifts up her skirt exposing the underwear through her pantyhose. But sick of her struggling, he spins her around and starts knocking her around.

After a bit of fun, he then throws her roughly onto a couch…

When time gone by

When time passes by, it never turns back. When a woman turns older, she cannot become younger. When a kunoichi becomes an old ninja, she is still a female ninja and is still encased with black pantyhose. Her ending is the one and only one. Her destiny is death in pantyhose.

A Kunoichi is always encased with black pantyhose.

Being a professional ninja, a Kunoichi keeps smiling and friendly manner to her lord.

Kunoichi are ready to fight and die for their missions.

Advertisement Ninjutsu

Kunoichi Ninjutsu is a fantastic magic which no one can easily defense. Corporations know it very clearly and send their female ninjas wearing black pantyhose to attract their potential customers. Pantyhose is everywhere, who can escape from the fishnet?

The following are some examples of a Japanese Office Automation company's Kunoichi Fishnet.


A female ninja loves to wear black bodystocking but she does not disclose her real identity. She hides the black tight under casual clothes and shows when a mission comes. Right, she finally acts herself truely with encasement of black pantyhose.