Discover a female burglar

A female burglar changed her clothes to wear black bodystocking only. But she failed her mission and exhausted her energy. When she just left the target area, she was found by her coworker, then he knew her real identity. What will he do to her next?

Changing Clothes

A female ninja wears typical clothes in daytime. The clothes actually covers black pantyhose and bodystocking underlying. After she puts off the clothes, the black bodystocking is shown. She displays her real identity at this time.


A foolish person does not know how foolish she is. Such foolish female ninjas wearing in black pantyhose just followed the enemy's posture but failed to work out the strength. The end was certainly their death.

Run Run Shaw

Sir Run Run Shaw was a successful entertainment mogul and philanthropist. He made every movie which stimulated audience nerve with black veil and tight.

When a female ninja was discovered her identity, the next must be her death

When a female ninja was killed, her body became the enemies' toy.

Although the end of a female ninja was brutal, she must make up her beauty with black bodysuit, black tight and black veil.

Before the judge

Before the judge, the wicked female ninja in black pantyhose and black veil will be killed by her own weapon. She will die with open eyes.

Knockout on ground

When a female assassin failed her mission, her enemy must knock her out and throw her onto the ground. Then her body will become a toy her brutal humiliation.

Black Spy Army

She dressed up with black suit, encased in black nylon and masked with black veil. She was a female spy agent. She risked her life for intelligence. If she failed, she would be killed.